Blind man delivers alien child in subway car!

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Now doesn’t that sound like a great headline from National Enquirer? Well, in the Marvel Universe, this actually happened. I alluded to this event a couple of posts ago so I thought I’d post this panel from issue #316, by D.G. Chichester and Kevin Kobasic. Now, of course, this is no alien child – though they would presumably be quite common in the Marvel U – but just an oddly drawn infant whose entrance into the world Matt sort of helped facilitate while spending a day hanging out in the subway in his civvies. You have to marvel at this man’s skill set. Lawyer, master engineer (well, in the old days at least), and apparently a would be midwife as well. You know, the more I look at this page, the stranger it gets. This is actually a very good issue, but I don’t know what the heck Chichester was thinking with this scene.

Matt helps deliver a child


  1. Francesco

    Matt Murdock delivers miniature Charles Xavier!

  2. Gloria

    Behold the obstertician without fear!


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