Heightened senses – they’re not just for fighting crime anymore

by Aug 31, 2008Humor2 comments

First things first, Hell’s Kitchen has been updated. Just click the image in the sidebar. I’m not a hundred percent happy with it, but next week’s strip will take a look a Brand New Day and feature an appearance by Spidey himself, so at least that’s virtually guaranteed to be good, right? πŸ˜‰

On to the subject for this post. When I think about it, this could also fit into a series of themed posts having to do with Matt doing things in the subway. In Daredevil #1 he chases his father’s killer into the subway, in the classic Frank Miller issue Devils (#169) he has his senses shattered by a passing subway train during a fight against Bullseye, and in Chichester’s Fare Play (#316) Matt Murdock delivers a baby that looks like an alien – I’ll get back to that one in a separate post – in an issue that takes place entirely underground.

In the panels below, from Daredevil #119 by Tony Isabella, with art by Bob Brown, Daredevil simply rides the subway like your average New Yorker. Well, except that he’s dressed in an all red devil costume, which would probably raise an eyebrow or two. As if sticking out like a sore thumb isn’t bad enough, he’s dangerously close to making an unforgivable faux pas, that is until his senses come to the rescue. Picking out the trace of a smoking gun and sniffing out an old lady is all in a day’s work for the man without fear.


  1. Francesco

    Chris, maybe you’re not 100% satisfied with your last comics because it took you more to finish it this time (and therefore everything of it was already old in your mind when you published it), but I can assure you that we found it as much as funny as the precedent installments!

    (well, except for the one with Matt and Luke in the streets, it will be hard to equal that one πŸ˜‰ ).

  2. Gloria

    Be careful, Matt… It’s by things like that that you can loose elections… Oh, I forgot you finally didn’t go for that proposal to be elected as NYC’s Mayor

    Star Wars Marathons, RMLAO… Is there no geeky perversion the evil Mr. Nelson won’t put poor Matt through?


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