Extremely early Daredevil #110 review

by | Aug 21, 2008 | Recommended Links | 1 comment

Just like last month, Jason of Fandomania (yes, I know that makes him sound like the king of a fantasy kingdom at Disneyland) has posted an early review of this month’s issue, which is due out next week. It contains spoilers, so I won’t be reading it just yet. But if you can’t wait, the link is HERE.

And, yes, I’ll get to doing actual updates here soon enough. I’ve just had a lot of real life (the good kind) interfering this week. And jetlag. And a new job. And… I’ll stop making excuses now. See you around! 😉

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  1. Gloria

    I wonder how on earth do those Fandomania guys get to the material so friggin’ soon: do they have an inside person in Marvel?


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