Why some people DON’T like Daredevil – Part 2

by | Jul 4, 2008 | Commentary | 1 comment

As promised (though delayed), here are some of my own thoughts on the casual survey I conducted aimed at people who are not Daredevil readers. All the basics on the experimental set-up, as well as the result of the survey are in

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  1. Brian

    I used to enjoy DD a long time ago, but I stopped reading it for several years and then when I picked it up again not long ago I was completely confused by what’s going on. He was in prison, Iron Fist turned out to be dressed as him, etc. I realize it’s just a matter of catching up on back issues, but I think that’s the thing that keeps me from getting back into it. Still, during the Frank Miller years I thought it was one of the best comics out there.


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