Wacky power #12 – Daredevil lands the Avenger’s Quinjet

by | Jul 13, 2008 | Humor, Wacky Powers | 5 comments

The careful observer may remember one of the very first posts in this series, in which Daredevil lands a rocket guided only by his uncanny senses (I think he found a safe place to land by listening to where there were no heartbeats… *ahem*). For some reason, new Daredevil scribe Steve Gerber obviously felt that a return to Daredevil piloting aircraft was long overdue, and in issue #100 – yes, this is the same issue as the one mentioned in the previous post below – we once again behold the blind superhero safely navigating the skies. The funny thing about this (well, there are a lot of funny things about it, but I digress) is that it actually contains some elements from the last wacky power we looked at, which was reading computer screens by touch, but I’ll get to that below.

Okay, first of all, why is Daredevil drawn looking out the window? However, the best part is this:

“His hypersensitive fingertips read the dials and meters his eyes cannot see. And he knows that he is… home?”

Since when can displays and meters in cockpits be touched directly? Well, they can’t, it’s as simple as that. This gets even goofier on the next page, as we learn that it’s not just the meter and dials that his fingers read (oh, and do note that he’s still wearing gloves), but an image on a screen of a robbery in progress!! What kind of weird flight radar is this? I’m stunned! And Daredevil knows all this by placing his hand on a screen depicting this event, because there’s no way that could just be a flock of birds or something, right? Follow along for yourselves below. Ah, yes… So wacky, I think I just ran out of the sarcasm I need to comment further. 🙂


  1. lilacsigil

    Tony Stark built it! In a cave! Out of scrap!


    Maybe not, but at least Matt seems surprised that he can read it?

  2. girlwithoutfear

    I always love how Daredevil was “the best” at everything. Driving a car, flying a plane, wielding a needle and thread! Oh, and reading dials that are behind glass! With his gloves on!

  3. Christine

    Another thing… How does he know that robbery is on third street since it obviously just picks up stuff at random? That setting doesn’t seem like it would be a good default for navigation. And another thing, if the flight radar has been turned off the whole time, the what the heck has he been doing? Well, I shouldn’t complain too much. Back in issue #85 he landed a jet using his own radar. Apparently, his head has the power output of the Hubble telescope or something.

  4. Jon

    Hey…can’t we all just “level with Daredevil?”

    Nice wacky grab Christine!

  5. Duane Thomas

    “So wacky, I think I just ran out of the sarcasm I need to comment further. :)”

    NO!! Say it isn’t so.


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