Dakota North’s fate revealed!

Jul 26, 2008

Dakota North’s fate revealed!

Jul 26, 2008
No, not by me. But the god of her universe (well he does sort of decide if she lives or dies, so that’s an appropriate title) Ed Brubaker has spilled the beans. Heck, I can’t even take credit for this news, as I’m shamelessly stealing it from ManWithoutFear. Yes, I have stooped to posting recycled news. It’s terrible, I know. This link takes you straight to the article on CBR (from Bru’s CCI panel). If you want to cut to the chase, highlight the paragraph below:

[spoiler begins here]

“She plays a major role in the book for the next couple years,” Brubaker said of the supporting character in “Daredevil.” “My brother is a lawyer. These guys all have private eyes working for them. Jessica Jones is a private eye, Dakota North is a private eye. They’re both hot. They probably hang out at the same bars – they probably know each other.”

[spoiler ends here]

Any comment about the above piece of information would sort of give it away, so I think I’ll end this here. While I’m at it, I’m slapping a spoiler warning on the comment section as well so we can discuss it freely. See you around!


  1. Francesco

    I’m glad that Brubaker admitted that the book has been written in an excessively depressing way as of late.

  2. Gloria

    The interview strenghtens my feeling that the storylines written so far where to “clear” from DD the subplots and elements which bothered Brubaker to write his own stories.

    And I never believed that Dakota could die: one doesn’t build a character like that and then gets rid of it!

    And besides, Dakota can’t possibluy leave the series without having the pleasure of a date with the charming Franklin Paco.

  3. Christine

    Yeah, that interview gives me hope for some lighter stories. What sounded odd to me was when he said he thought DD would be less depressing from now on. Wouldn’t he know that? He’s the one writing the book, after all. LOL

    As far as Foggy and Dakota are concerned, I’m actually beginning to suspect that Bru is planning something for Dakota and Matt, especially since he said she’d be a major player. If that’s on the horizon, I at least hope that Bru takes it extremely slow and that the Milla situation is resolved in a good way.

  4. Gloria

    Re Dakota and Matt: I take Dakota’s word that she wouldn’t have anything with a man who’s married! Maybe I am subjective here: but whenever I like a guy and learn that he already is coupled (whether it is a wife or just a regular girlfriend), that puts a mental fence on me.

    Dakota, as she has been charactherised by Brubaker, has been shown to be an intelligent, discerning woman: going for Matt would be off-character (IMHO), if anything, because dating Matt is certainly not the clever thng to do (until things change a lot)


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