The curse of Mike Murdock (or why lying is bad)

by | Jul 13, 2008 | Humor | 2 comments

I’ve been going through some old Daredevil during the last couple of days which will end up generating quite a few posts this week, including at least two in the Wacky powers category. But, I thought I’d start with this delightful scene from Daredevil #100 (vol 1). There are a lot of things going on in this issue, one of the late Steve Gerber’s first on the title, and quite a few of them are worthy of their own posts.

What we have below is a great moral lesson in the pitfalls of lying habitually in order to lead a secret double-life as a superhero. Because the problem with telling lies is their tendency to catch up with you after a while, and then you have to think fast to cover your tracks. A full fifty-eight issues after the “death” of Mike Murdock, we learn that he is not truly buried. In this scene, Daredevil is being interviewed by a reporter from Rolling Stones magazine, and this is his answer to the question of where the Daredevil name came from:
“I wonder — will that one insane idea of creating a third identity for myself ever stop plaguing me?”

Uh, I guess not Matt. Well, it may be forgotten now, almost forty years later (real time), but you should have known that something like that wouldn’t exactly go away over night. I guess you should have thought about that before you got yourself involved in that mess to begin with. Also, interesting explanation here on his part. So there were two Daredevils at the same time? Sharing one name that the current Daredevil came up with, despite earlier reports by none other than Matt Murdock himself that his imaginary twin was the first Daredevil and that his replacement was a second person trained by the first. But I must say I like the idea of them working different shifts. What a great way to protect the public 24-7!


  1. Gloria

    Two Daredevils at the same time? That’s quite an interesting idea!

    In fact, the most recent example of this franchise was the Matt/Danny outfit, and didn’t work bad: maybe to do it on a regular basis would be good to definitely clear all suspicions.

    There could even be a team of DD substitutes: some who have filled the Role up to date: Spidey, Black Panther, Bullseye, Foggy “Paco” Nelson, Iron Fist…

  2. Christine

    You know, these days with the SHRA, having superheroes take turns posing as each other might not be such a bad idea. Even though posing illegaly as some other superhero is still, well, illegal, it certainly causes much appreciated doubt for everyone involved.


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