"The way he dials that phone…"

by | Jun 15, 2008 | Humor | 9 comments

Sometimes I come across a panel that just begs to be posted and mocked. The one on the left is from Daredevil #89, by Gerry Conway and Gene Colan. The situation is as follows: Matt is living with Natasha in San Francisco. While she’s out of the house, Matt comes downstairs in his robe and has a brief exchange with Natasha’s driver Ivan. Ivan received a phone call earlier from a Larry Cranston (you know that can’t be good), and Matt is calling him back. Now Ivan is thinking to himself:

“Can’t get over the way Murdock moves… just like he wasn’t blind. The way he dials that phone… sends chills up my spine!”

Okay, first of all, Ivan knows that Matt is Daredevil. You’d think that the thought of him jumping off a building equipped only with a billy club and an unhealthy dose of fearlessness would send chills up his spine. Or perhaps the way he can tell when you’re lying or his uncanny ability to guess with some reliability what you ate for dinner last night. Instead, Ivan is amazed by his apparently freakish ability to dial a phone number without accidentally getting someone in Bulgaria on the line. Because we all know that blind people have problems with telephones, right? As Stan Lee would have put it: “The older man watches in amazement as the sightless wonder dials a phone number with greater accuracy and speed than a sighted man could ever hope for.”

Well, I call funny on this one. In other news, I’ve been a little busy the last few days (I do, quite surprisingly have a life outside of being a completely nutty DD fan), so I’m sorry about the subpar posting frequency. On the other hand, I’ve also been doing some work on the graphics – hope you like it – and put together some content to be posted (eventually) in the Back Door area. So there’s my excuse. 🙂

Have a good one people!


  1. Francesco

    Isn’t Ivan supposed to be a tough man, an old timer hardened by the misfortunes of war and sovietic regime?

    And that sends chills up his spine?

  2. Gloria

    “The older man watches in amazement as the sightless wonder dials a phone number with greater accuracy and speed than a sighted man could ever hope for.”


    Here I submit a humble petition to see a fanfic about DD written à la Stan Lee: it could be a scream!

  3. Christine

    You know something Gloria? That’s not a bad idea. A parody of Stan Lee’s Daredevil? I just might have to think about that one… LOL

  4. Gloria

    Well… keep thinking, keep thinking ;D I think you have the right stuff to do it

    In fact, apart from a fanfic, I wouldn’t mind Brubaker or anyone else at Marvel doing a special “Stan Lee Rip-Off” Special issue.

  5. Francesco

    What an idea…

  6. Christine

    I feel an idea forming. How does “Stilt-man is back in town” sound? 😀

  7. Gloria

    “little does Stilt-Man know that, with his specially enhanced senses and radar, the blind lawyer he holds in ransom has located the exact location and pulse of the gyroscope which allows him to keep the balance on his vertically-challenging stilts!”

  8. Gloria

    My perversion has no end! Bwah-Hah-hah!

    Right now I am thinking on a DANIEL CHICHESTER-style fanfic!

    “I can’t tell Foggy that I really don’t need a ‘talking computer’, which I use just to dodge any suspicions that nitwitted, dumb butterball might have… for, of course: I can read whatever is on the screen thanks to my enhanced sense of TASTE! my tonge perceives in the air the electric vibrations of the monitor and thus I can perceive what is written on the screen!”

  9. Christine

    Chichester fic? LOL

    Well, as you know Gloria, the computer screen thing bugs me to no end (it will end up in the Wacky powers series before too long). I must say that I love the visual of Matt with his tongue pressed against the screen though! 😀

    In Chichester’s defense, at least computers back then were still the kind with the green fonts against a black background and not the complex visual graphic interfaces we see today. Still, the fact remains that if you have actual radiation, whether heat or anything else that isn’t visible light, penetrating the screen to any great extent, you have a very poorly and inefficiently designed computer screen.

    Another thing that I never got was the whole ergonomics angle. Even if you could theoretically read a computer screen by touch (and that’s a huge “if”), that’s the kind of thing that would easily lead to chronic back pain. Are you going to hold your arms out in front of you at a weird angle for hours on end? And then claim to actually prefer this to having the screen content read to you? I call BS on this whole thing. 😉


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