Review: Daredevil #107 (8.5/10)

by | Jun 2, 2008 | Ongoing Reviews | 2 comments

My only regret after having read this issue is that I now have to wait another month to read the next chapter of the story. Because ultimately, this just gives us a taste of things to come, and introduces a mystery to be solved with very few clues in play so far.
The art really stands out in this issue. Not only because it’s very beautiful to look at, but because it’s specifically contributes a great deal to the storytelling. It seems like the story reads like a movie in some places and I find myself just noticing the art more than usual. There is lots of zooming and many instances of the story being told without any dialogue at all. I’ve always liked Lark’s cinematic style, and it really shines here. And two thumbs up to Matt Hollingsworth’s colors as well.

So what about the story? Well, it sets up the arc nicely, offers just the right amount of intrigue and also shows Matt making some welcome progress. One of the things I like most about this issue is that it seems like he’s finally starting to come out of his slump. On the one hand, his suffering is appropriate in light of what he’s been through, but it’s starting to get a little depressing to read about. Here, we finally see him taking some steps in the right direction, despite his temper tantrum in the first few pages.

However, the story so far is almost as much Dakota North’s story as it is Matt’s, if not more so. I don’t mind this at all, as I think she’s an interesting character and with the inclusion of Becky, Foggy and Luke, it’s good to see that Matt has several people around to keep him in check. This has been apparent during all of Brubaker’s run, but you really get the feel of an ensemble cast here.

Not much more to say, at least not without giving the plot away, other than that this was a pitch perfect start to what is sure to be a very exciting story!


  1. JP Nguyen

    I enjoyed this issue and Dakota’s last scene worked very well (Asking Matt to take the case without asking).
    And the art had a boost since the last arc.

  2. thehostess

    Thanks for sending me here to your blog. This is great!


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