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When talking about movie reboots and “do-overs,” Daredevil tends to come up frequently, especially now that we’re seeing The Incredible Hulk leap onto the big screen once more. I’d love to see a Daredevil reboot, so the more people talking about this, the better. I’m pretty sure it won’t happen this decade though. Anyway, Newsarama’s Michael Avila shared some of his thoughts on which superheroes deserve a second chance on the big screen, and Daredevil is at the top of his list as well. Here’s what he had to say:

“We’re talking about one of Marvel’s Old Guard, one of its most grounded-in-reality characters, with a history of rich storylines. The 2003 film wasn’t terrible, but writer-director Mark Steven Johnson’s fanboy-ish determination to squeeze in too many plot threads and an absurd number of in-jokes ultimately ruined it.

Marvel Studios’ brain-trust should ditch the S&M dungeon red leather jumpsuit, get an actor to play Matt Murdock who’s not dating a paparazzi fave and hand the franchise over to a director like Peter Berg or Joe Carnahan. Jon Favreau could ace this project but a clean break is needed for any reboot and since he played Foggy in the first one, he’s out. And leave Elektra out, too. The ill-conceived spinoff with Jennifer Garner ruined that character.

But the first Daredevil made $102 million despite awful reviews. Imagine if the film would have been any good?”

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