Daredevil #108 reviews

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Okay, the reviews are starting to come in (haven’t peeked myself this time, trying to actually avoid the spoilers for once). These will be posted in the right-hand column as they come in, and first out are: Fandomania, and The Q Review, but I’m pretty sure that The Comics Bulletin will get theirs up too some time today, as they are currently adding new reviews for tomorrow’s releases every hour. Just look in the top section of the right sidebar on their site.

Sorry about the infrequent posts lately. I’ve had some other Daredevil-related business to attend to (such as the first couple of installments of my Daredevil parody cartoon Hell’s Kitchen which should see publication by tomorrow). On a personal note, I also just landed my dream job – I’m signing all the paperwork tomorrow – so I’ve been elsewhere celebrating. As far as this blog is concerned, my intention is to continue to post at least three times a week on average even when I’m not working from home anymore. I’m still totally excited about this development, or as Daredevil would have said: “I’m as giddy as a goldfish in a goblet.” Yeah, that’s an actual quote from Stan Lee’s run. Take care everyone!


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