Daredevil #108 preview, oh joy!

Jun 21, 2008

Daredevil #108 preview, oh joy!

Jun 21, 2008
The preview is up on Comic Book Resources. The same pages (though of much lower quality) can also be found on Marvel.com. My inner preview whore rejoices again, and I really like the look of this preview, so I thought I’d comment on it below. For people who don’t want to read this, because they wait for the trades or have the self-discipline to stay away from previews and prefer to stay 100% unspoiled, the section below has to be highlighted to be seen:

[hidden text begins here] I love Matt’s cockiness with the whole “I’m a much better lawyer than you.” Really, he’s not just a kick-ass fighter, he’s an accomplished professional as well and I like that side of him. The idea that he really is a good lawyer is much easier to buy these days than when looking at the old Stan Lee issues were none of the law partners did any work at all. Still, when Matt does show up in court, he’s consistently done pretty good work.

I’m sure that some fanboys are going to have a problem with Matt being struck down by Big Ben Donovan. Despite the fact that he’s in his civilian – and extremely fragile – identity in a monitored prison interrogation room. What’s he going to do? Leap into Daredevil action? Still, the guy who commented in some thread on some message board a while back that he was disappointed that Matt hurt his hand punching Luke Cage in #107 (it was apparently a sign of weakness that he couldn’t get the man with unbreakable skin to budge…) is not going to like this. But who cares? Anyway, one thing I noticed that might mean something is what Matt says to the warden: “… that wasn’t the response I was expecting.” He really seems genuinely surprised by what just happened, and he couldn’t have perceived the situation as the least bit threatening just moments earlier or he wouldn’t have gotten that close to Big Ben physically. Might there be something off with Big Ben’s reactions here? And he is definitely talking to someone who can hear him inside the prison. At least that’s what it looks like to me. Time will tell…

I’m also digging the Dakota North page here. I like that she has her Vogue covers on the wall (does Marvel have some special deal with Vogue Magazine or is it just a coincidence that she wasn’t on the cover of any other magazine? *ahem*). I also love the way she handles Matt when he’s at her front door. Though she may be just a little hard on him, but I suppose he could use some tough love.[hidden text ends here]

Anyway, it looks like another intriguing issue for Marvel’s coolest redhead – not trying to piss off the MJ fans here – and I can’t wait for next week when we will all zoom through this issue only to have to fight off the frustration of having to wait another month by the time we’re done. Oh well, that’s how it goes, I suppose.


  1. Gloria

    Gloria, from Previews Whores Anonymous, reporting for duty, ma’am!

    I definitely love it! If only for the “Matt is back in town and not whining at home” thing: Yesireee! I never doubted Bru was going to put him back on track!

    A bit worried about Dakota’s fancy mini-series past resurfacing (“The glamorous P.I.” bit of it doesn’t sit well with me: how does one investigate if every crook in the world has seen you in a fashion rag cover?)

    The thing I loved abot Bru bringing Dakota back was that she seemed closer to Ms. Tree than to her original “Charlie’s angels meet Roger Moore’s 007” incarnation.

    (one day I’ll have to bring the subject on the board)

    Incidentally, I imagine we’re going to have little of Nelson department in that saga: teh action seems to be centered heavily around DD and Dakota (with a little help from Luke), not that I complain: Dakota brings great chemistry to teh series and her “lack of commiseration is refreshing… I hope I’m wrong because if we have court action I’d like to see ol’ Franklin enjoying a bit of spotlight at Matt’s side (in the “I think you’re nuts to take this case but I’m at your side all the same, old buddy” lines)

  2. Christine

    Hey there Gloria! We desperately need a support group for our terrible and destructive addiction.

    I don’t mind the glamorous Dakota shining through a little here, if only for the fact that I don’t think she’d be all that recognizable (and thus wouldn’t suffer any ill effects from it in her work). I personally can’t even tell sometimes that two different shots of the same supermodel is even the same person, and most crooks wouldn’t recognize a model who wasn’t extraordinarily famous unless she’d appeared in Playboy; in which case they could probably cite the exact page and issue number. ๐Ÿ™‚ Dakota doesn’t have the “I’m just a pretty girl” attitude and that’s good enough for me.

    Yeah, I don’t think we’ll be seeing much of Foggy either except for a few panels every issue and Becky is beginning to feel a little underused as a character, considering she doesn’t have the same history as a character that Foggy does and consequently needs more of a reason for being in the book in the first place. Dakota brings something unique, and somewhere down the line I’d like to see what it is that Becky brings that’s unique aside from her feisty and down to earth style in dealing with her partners.


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