Wacky power #9 – What time is it really?

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Well, I thought I’d get back to posting again with a couple of wacky power posts, just to warm up. This one, from Daredevil #12 (Vol 1, of course…) shows Matt checking the time by feeling the face of his watch. Makes sense, no? Well, the problem is that he isn’t actually touching it directly but is apparently feeling the the sounds it makes – through the glass! Since I believe everything probably can be “explained” (if you’re Stan Lee…), I might even be willing to guess that he’s really performing this trick by feeling the difference in heat from where the hands of the watch have cast their shadow after being held for some amount of time next to a light source. Don’t buy that one? Well, the below panel doesn’t make a whole lot more sense either…

Matt checking the time, from Daredevil #12

Matt checking the time, from Daredevil #12


  1. alice

    I suppose this is another example of the artist not bothering to do a little research before drawing it, but we have to remember that there was no Google in the 60’s, and few people have really known someone who has a braille watch. That’s still no excuse for common sense!

  2. Rob Close

    y’know, i’ll happily suspend disbelief, and say “sure, DD can feel the position change with the ticks”…but that still doesn’t excuse the intellectually lazy writer from not looking at the Murdock angle – how does a blind guy with a secret identity explain wearing a regular watch?

  3. Duane Thomas

    I can justify this to myself by saying it was the artist’s fault and not the writer’s. It is indeed a Braille watch. Although Matt’s hypersensitive fingertips are indeed touching the watch, that’s not saying it’s the fact that his fingers are hypersensitive that allows him to tell the time, and the artist just didn’t draw the crystal hinged back from over the face of the Braille watch.

    Do I get my Marvel No-Prize now?


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