More wardrobe concerns…

May 23, 2008

More wardrobe concerns…

May 23, 2008

There are certain aspects of a superhero’s life that we mere mortals don’t have to worry about. There’s the whole thing with the clothing situation, for one. As we’ve seen, Matt found a temporary solution to this problem early on by folding up his work clothes and squeezing them into a ball which he would then bounce around on the roof tops. Since this turned out to be a less than stellar solution (let’s just say that Matt would either need to have a standing arrangement with someone who would press his clothes for him or he would have to spend hours at the ironing board himself, guided only by his “uncanny sense of touch”), he then went on to store them in a cute backpack. Well… That idea kind of got lost somewhere along the way too.

Here, from issue #42, is a new solution to quickly getting rid of your suit when you need to be in costume. This one actually ruins the clothes, so this was probably a last resort to be used in emergencies only. As someone who has worked around plenty of nasty chemicals, this just makes my head spin…

Matt Murdock gets rid of his business suit by pouring acid on it, from Daredevil #42

  1. Matt stores his Daredevil costume in his inner pocket? Excuse me, but what kind of super-duper, “hand-weaved by Mr. Fantastic on his day off” fabric is this costume made of that lets it be stored in such a small place while giving more coverage than a nylon stocking (we hope)?
  2. Matt carries a vial of highly corrosive acid on his body? One that is strong enough to dissolve an entire business suit? What would happen if it were to break during a fight? You would think that Matt has had enough chemical accidents in his life to know to stay away from the nasty stuff. He already lost his sight, does he want third degree chemical burns all over his body to match? I would also hope that he knows how to appropriately discard the empty vial rather than leave it for some kids to find.

Someone once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Oh, well that was some other hero. Who cares, right?


  1. alice

    Vaporous acid? Huh. I can’t imagine how someone would know it was Matt’s street clothes, unless they had been following him, so why couldn’t he just stash them somewhere? Oh, yeah, not dramatic enough!

    I’m with you. Why would a guy who took such a hit from noxious chemicals want to even get around them?

  2. Francesco

    This also proves that chemistry must be another of those subjects they taught him at law school.


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