Law & Order

May 8, 2008

Law & Order

May 8, 2008

While we’re counting down to #107, which will apparently be fairly courtroom heavy, I thought I’d make this month “lawyer month.” I have no idea how far I’ll take this theme, we’ll see what I feel like posting about. But, since I was talking about law shows a few posts back, I thought I’d post the only two panels I know of where we have our favorite law partners actually referencing ongoing shows. The first one is pretty funny to me. You know how Marvel is currently plugging the show Lost as part of some advertising deal? Well, I’m pretty sure they were paid by NBC to have Matt not only state that he never misses an episode of Law & Order, but to also give information about when it’s on! Below is a panel from #360, by Karl Kesel (writer) and Cary Nord (penciller).

Matt on the couch watching Law & Order, from Daredevil #360 by Karl Kesel and Cary Nord

Here we see a poor exhausted Matt, who has just come home from battling the Absorbing Man, listen to his own heroics being referenced on TV. And, of course, that’s a very worried Karen calling out his name.

Matt: “…I’m going nowhere the next twelve hours… and Wednesday nights at ten… I never miss Law and Order…”

A few issues later, #366 by Joe Kelly (his first) and Gene Colan, we see Foggy making a small reference to The Practice while trying to make small talk with Liz Allan. Foggy is trying to make up for being seen hanging out with a model, but Matt has already paved the way in the reconciliation department by putting in a good word for Foggy.

Foggy: “Um… So… You see ‘The Practice’ this week?”

Well, there’s no way of knowing if Liz did or not, but I can’t help wondering when we’ll see him locking lips with a lovely lady again. Someone please set this guy up on a date!

Have a good day everyone, and in case anyone missed it (I doubt it), there’s a preview of Daredevil #107 up on, along with an article looking at a few of Matt’s previous cases. I’m not sure they were the most relevant (and I can’t help cringing a little at all the mention of Matt detcting lies with his radar sense – as opposed to his hearing – but I’m a geek), but it’s worth a read.


  1. Gloria

    I must say that I find funny that Matt and Foggy see Lawyers’ TV series: if anything because as any series devoted to a particular group of professional people (think about the loads of series about doctors or cops), I believe that TV takes a lots of “artistic licenses” regarding the actuality of lawyering… Still, since nelson and Murdock are fictional lawyers, too, tit must be pretty real for them, LOL.

    As for other matters: yes, someone get the Fogster a date, fergawdsake… the poor soul has been single for 106 issues! I’d like him to go with Dakota, even though miss North seems quite the happy single girl.

  2. Francesco

    You know, I’m suspecting she is a lesbian.

    BTW, yeah. We fans should ask it with loud voice:
    A woman for Foggy!


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