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by May 24, 2008Silver Age Madness1 comment

I just had to post this panel, from Daredevil #26, because it’s so darn funny. I don’t even have to say much about it, it pretty much speaks for itself.

Note to Daredevil: It might be a good idea to not actually say everything you’re thinking out loud. Especially when you go around calling people “typical” and “average” and when everything you say about yourself comes across as totally conceited and arrogant. Though you do get points for good alliteration…

Stay back, average typical crowd of passersby! If Stilt-Man is still conscious, he might be more dangerous than ever!

So, let your ever-dutiful, death-defying Daredevil be the first to turn the corner and check out the alley!

Daredevil #26, by Stan Lee and Gene Colan
Daredevil insults the crowd, while looking for Stilt-Man, as seen in Daredevil #26 (vol 1)

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  1. Gloria

    Methinks the Midgard hero in scarlett hoses rehearseth for his Matt-is-Mike-is-DD-is-Thor masquerade.


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