Death by gym equipment…

by | May 18, 2008 | Silver Age Madness | 0 comments

Here’s a page (the first of Vol 1 #50) that shows Daredevil in a rather awkward position. While we can safely assume that most superheroes don’t actually want to die on the job, they would probably prefer a more glamorous fate than the one that awaits Matt in this story, should they ever run out of luck. What could possibly be more embarrasing than having Starr Saxon send his “indestructable fighting robot” to your gym, kidnap you and roll you up in one of your own gym mats?

It wasn’t bad enough that the guy had a rogues gallery so lame that Stilt-man kept being introduced as a serious player, he almost met with the most pathetic and awkward demise in all of comicdom. Thank god he managed to get out of the gym mat and grow to be a serious player or I wouldn’t be writing any of this. It’s really funny though, in a very, very sad sort of way…


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