Stan Lee on “superhero science”

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Well, anyone who knows me knows my fascination with “superhero science.” Rather than bore anyone with my random speculations, let’s take a look at an interview with Stan Lee himself. This video (Real Player only) is from BBC Science and Nature. It was made at the time of the release of the first Spider-man movie and there’s no mention of Daredevil here. There is, however, some insight into Stan’s thoughts on the topic and a I particularly like the Superman vs Thor comparison, where Stan points out that he thinks it’s silly how Superman can fly without really doing anything, whereas Thor has to wield his hammer in order to take off. Yeah, Stan… That makes perfect sense. 🙂

For anyone who wants more superhero science (and if you thought I was bad), here are a couple of other links from a site called The Physics Factbook:

  1. How much power does Storm have to put out in order to make a home-made tornado?

  2. What’s the tension in Spider-man’s webs?

  3. What’s the co-efficient of friction between the Hulk’s skin and the sand in the movie The Incredible Hulk?


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