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Well this isn’t really a series of posts with any grand objective attached, it will simply be a category for posting panels of – you guessed it – Daredevil seeing things. And I don’t mean by means of having his radar sense pick up a shape of something, but actually seeing. Now, one might imagine that the basics of the character (blind lawyer with heightened senses who fights baddies in a devil costume) would be easy enough to remember. However, he’s been spotted seeing lots of things he shouldn’t have over the years, and numerous No-Prizes have been handed out to fans for catching these, sometimes obvious, goofs on behalf of writers and artists. Below is a panel from Daredevil #237, Context, written by John Harkness and pencilled by Louis Williams:

Daredevil meets Klaw, Daredevil #237

Daredevil meets Klaw, Daredevil #237

Daredevil: “This is my turf mister and I don’t need competition from other guys in red jumpsuits. Looking for anyone in particular?”

Klaw: “Yes, someone to destroy.”

Of course, there could be plenty of reasons Daredevil might know that Klaw wears a red costume. Heck, he probably does. The only problem is that, while he has heard of Klaw (courtesy of the Black Panther), they have never actually met before. It is also clear from a later panel that Daredevil doesn’t know right away that this is in fact Klaw. So, open and shut case of the writer goofing up. His doing so is actually quite suprising, considering that the first couple of pages of this issue are devoted to something as relatively rare as the writer doing a little exploration (well, sort of) of the character’s blindness:

[Page 1, set against an all black background]

“My name is Matt Murdock, This is what my world looks like. I’m blind. But don’t let it worry you. It doesn’t worry me. Out of all the things that have worried me lately, blindness is nothing at all. In fact, blindness — and the radiation that caused it — have made my other senses… Well, super-human! And they made me Daredevil. There’s just one thing about blindness — one thing I’ve only just seen. If this is what your world looks like — you live in a very black world!”

[Page 2, in full color]

“Thank God my world feels like this!”

Of course, the funny thing about the second page is that it shows Daredevil’s perspective of being shot at by two thugs… Doesn’t sound like the kind of thing I’d want to be feeling, but whatever floats your boat! It also turns out that poor DD will be feeling a lot of pain this issue since Klaw is actually “vast power — solidified sound — made flesh!” So, while Klaw takes a beating, so do poor Matty’s ears. Luckily for him, he gets to snuggle with Karen too…


  1. Francesco

    Little trivia for you:

    That issue was actually written by the great Steve Englehart under that pseudonym.

  2. Christine

    I had no idea! Thanks for the info Francesco! This actually is a pretty good issue, aside from the little goof in the middle.


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