Daredevil: Blood of the Tarantula – preview

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Time for us preview whores to get our fix. Comic Book Resources has a six page preview up HERE. These pages only show the Black Tarantula’s story so we don’t know what Matt/DD looks like, but the art looks really nice. I’m a little confused about the timeline here, though. In the last panel shown, Carlos says “Nearly a month since I realized my neighborhood — my people — needed me…” Wouldn’t that have been [highlight to uncover] the realization he made at the end of the annual? If so, where are we in terms of what’s happening in Matt’s life? It’s something to think about…

Coming later tonight on this blog: Beyond Fear. I can’t promise anything grand, but I can promise several paragraphs of me thinking out loud. 😉

UPDATED: Comments may contain spoilers for the previous arc.


  1. Gloria

    Hi, my name is Gloria and I am a preview whore, sooo… here I am!! XD

    Looks nice indeed. The art is good and it’s quite entertaining to see Carlos being a Badass Good/bad Guy: I admit that being “in the other side of the law” seems to make things easier for him than they are for Matt.

    I wonder if Bru will make use of this Tarantula healing power for other stories… You know what I’m talking about: yes that person “beyond cure”

    Re the Timeline: we’ll see when we have the actual issue on hand. But I don’t fear anything wrong here, as Brubaker seems quite careful/serious about continuity and small details like that, so even if he’s just the guy who provides the plot (and Ande Parks the actual writer of the final script).

    Before reading the script, I wonder if the story tales place in the aftermath just after the “Without Fear” storyline (hence we could expect Carlos to help Matt catalyze some stuff) or before it., I’d like it to take place “after, but, we’ll see.

    One week to go.


  2. Christine

    “Hi, my name is Gloria and I am a preview whore, sooo… here I am!!”

    The members of PWA (Preview Whores Anonymous) in unison: “Hello Gloria!”

    Yeah, I’m really curious to see what the timeline will be. Annuals and specials are definitely supposed to be in continuity so we’ll see how this one deals with what has gone before. I can hardly wait! But I’m not worried about the continuity, as such. Brubaker seems to be quite the “continuity whore” himself. LOL


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