Wacky power #7 – Speedreading

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Okay, you know all those websites that supposedly teach you how to read at incredible speed? They ususally focus on things like cutting down on sub-vocalizations (the hearing of the words you’re reading in your head) in order to limit the time it takes for the brain to process the written word. Little do they know that Stan Lee solved this problem back in Daredevil #15. It’s not our brains that keep us from reading faster, it’s our eyes. That’s right. If we could all just learn how to read print by touch we would read much faster. Below we see Matt Murdock doing just that. Why bother with Braille for “appearances” when you can speed-read print? Just scan it with your fingers in apparently a fraction of the time it takes to scan it with your eyes!

Matt reads print at super speed in Daredevil #15

Matt reads print at super speed in Daredevil #15

In the real world, reading by touch is slower, not faster. While the fastest Braille readers read faster than the average sighted readers, the process is limited by not being able to “see” more than what you’re touching at any one time, which would be true of all tactile reading whether it’s Braille or print. Then again, I also find the premise that reading print by touch (very low signal to noise ratio) should be easier or faster than reading Braille (all signal – no noise) rather questionable, regardless of whether you have an enhanced sense of touch or not. But in Stan Lee’s world, having the blind guy in any way appear blind was a big no-no… Okay, getting off that horse now. With this particular panel, I just couldn’t resist. πŸ˜‰

Another thing, what’s up with the quotation marks around the word “read”? It’s not really reading unless you do it with your eyes? Hmmm….


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