Wacky power #1 – sensing the microvoltage of the human brain

Mar 1, 2008

Wacky power #1 – sensing the microvoltage of the human brain

Mar 1, 2008

We’ll start with the power that you often find on various lists, but has never, to my knowledge, been seen in the pages of Daredevil. You also won’t find any mention of this power in any of the last three versions of the Marvel Universe Handbook.

I’m talking about being able to sense the micro-voltage of the human brain. Really, if anyone out there has seen this demonstrated anywhere, please let me know.

I’m suspecting this idea has old roots, dating back to when it seemed like a good idea to just have Daredevil’s radar sense be able to pick up any kind of electromagnetic radiation. That, incidentally, is another ability which has rarely been demonstrated since the early days.

However, one reason for writers’ obvious lack of enthusiasm for anything having to do with the micro-voltage of the human brain is probably that it’s a completely useless power to have. In terms of general usefulness, it’s on the same level as being able to tell the number of grains of salt on a pretzel.

We will continue this series with all the weird stuff Daredevil has actually done in the comic.


  1. geb

    this one’s a gem.. human or all forms?.. hmm.. “what the..? oh.. whew.. just a cockroach.. for a moment thought that electro was back in down”..

    oh boy.. no wonder matt’s usually in a such “state”..

    imagine if he could though?.. just imagining now..

    hey, audio-tecs have been working on development of gear for rating the lower end of the power spectrum (for the sake of hi-fi) based on tech developed for receiving weak signals from spacecraft from within highly noise-saturated environments.. time quantifying, or something, to remove artifacts..

    not to delve into the endless dispute over (if some quarters deem it need be a dispute at all, to begin or end with) valve vs tranzistor amplification, or analog vs digital source, etc.. don’t worry, it’s just how much experience one has in listening.. anyone can eventually decerne.. and even when your ability to hear higher begins to fade, your ability to hear soft remains..

    anyway, back to point.. just as arguments that frequencies above (and even well beyond) the range of human hearing affect those that lay within were proven correct.. there also apparently is a subtractive, inverse factor at play with low-level signal linearity connecting infrasonic frequencies to, again, those of the audible range.. here is where audio engineers and acousticians would pay dearly to rent matt’s ears..

    what the…?.. (yea, everyone loves a free B, huh?.. huh?).. yes indeed.. hey, this type of scenario could create a pretty disruptive and opposing conflict for matt’s senses and more, from the other side.. not only the ultrasonic.. another angle perhaps.. is what i was intending to relay..

    see.. i told you not to worry.. there’s a method to my madness..

    all for the sake of (more) faithful sound reproduction.. a rewarding (for the sake of music) hobby (yea, i know, so is mountain climbing, hang gliding, flying an F-16, etc).. “more”, because there is no end to this one.. (what fun would that be?)

    one reason we’re entranced with matt is the fact that he can instead hear.. very well.. and all the care that went into the production of this netflix series, one of the especially outstanding reasons to enjoy is regarding the super complex (in this case) job of sound effect and foley that was handled particularly well (applaud)..was a great job.. but..

    what.. the blu-rays audio-track’s weren’t recorded using lossless compression?.. they lied to me when i tried to get them to clarify before buying?.. dejavu.. just like having to buy the director’s-cut a second time to get the bonuses back on blu-ray..

    (such a whiner, huh?).. this isn’t that important, is it?.. (am glad if and hope that your AV system satisfies your needs).. except that this country is already on one knee.. and i do not have the extra $ to be shammed.. (what did i just say? as if i did it would then be ok? haha.. poor me).. and in this case, concerning matts sense of hearing, i believe that i am justified in being teed.. it is that important.. has anyone else purchased the blu-rays?..is this my mistake?..

    (oh, and UHD 4k (or even 8k for that matter) TV is not going to make a (such) difference if you simultaneously increase your screen size too, enough that it neutralizes the point, for what you pay.. watch out for wallet on that one too)

    oh well.. wait and hope and pray and pay..

  2. geb

    hAhA.. whacky power #1.. bravo cris.. everso fittingly titled true and in every way and context.. #1 takes the flag

  3. geb

    yes.. some has to say it..

    matt the lawyer, performing in court.. satisfaction in a well scripted legal proceed.. quite cool.. story..

    even though most of us now that the bulk of US law patronizes, deals with and serves first and foremost, corporate law.. dealing with combined, economically driven alliances that take on an actual legal entity, a personality representative of the whole of the parts as a single “face”.. that aggregates legal rights and legal responsibilities in a community as does any ordinary and actual, real single person does.. as do I, you, and all other real individuals..

    legal fiction in reality..perhaps only in comics can it be fully exploited..

    is that “face” representative of ALL of the whole, the parts that being?

    how does this work? what is it that we actually want matt to go up against?
    a legal face?.. hm.. “it wasn’t me!.. it was the majority vote!”.. an.. invisible face.. the invisible man.. yes, how convenient..

    john henry, was it?.. swinging a sledge in each hand and beating the machine? and of course, at a cost..

    how would this be written.. to please even the most demanding, intelligent?

    would it make or break an enterprise?..

    it has been repeatedly determined and said that there is no higher intelligence than that of the human.. and if anything, the closest we can come to a higher form, is many minds together.. so, it follows.. what is it exactly that matt’s labor of love is about? (or against)..

    a “badmAn”?..


    how would this unfold? when in reality we are all just people, and for the most part, all the same..

    wonder?.. power in numbers.. yet matt is a single proponent.. as a faceless one? he is even less.. this is a strength? so said..

    we’ve heard, “it’s a battle of words”.. reads easy, quite simple.. and, know what? it probably is on a reality level.. agreed, we need to know of the subterfuge that our so called political science (this is an actual and legitimate collegiate course of study, bear in in mind in the here and now) is capable of, so that it may be countered…

    but what is that we really want from stan’s creation.. hm, this is a tough one.. just a guess though.. for matt to actually see, with the mindseye that we, as humans, do not possess and thus cannot perceive? and to what end..

    all in jest ofcourse.. after all, it is just a comic, huh?


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