I miss Michael Lark (Daredevil #106)

by | Mar 3, 2008 | Daredevil News | 2 comments

Marvel posted some preview pages of Daredevil #106, along with a rather entertaining history of Matt’s love life. The good news:

  • It appears that Ben Urich is making a return to the pages of Daredevil! Marvelous!
  • The #106 cover by Djurdjevic. I could stare at it forever and actually use it as the desktop background on my computer.

The bad news:

  • Michael Lark is taking a break. I knew that already and with the quality of past guest artists I wasn’t concerned. But seriously, this looks terrible. No offense to Paul Azaceta, whom I’ve seen do much better work than this, but the break from the usual look of the book is too jarring. Lark will be dearly missed.

Oh well, it was at least fun to see some pages this early in the month. I hope the writing will be good enough to not make me look at the pictures much. With Brubaker, that’s almost a safe bet.


  1. Gloria

    My main complain is in the Nelson department. Lark draws Foggy very cute. Azaceta’s Foggy -as seen in the preview- doesn’t look that great, needs a haircut (the fringe looks better when shorter, unless drawn by Maalev). Foggy is not only wearing the old plaid suit he wore in the old times (instead of the classy dark suit that Lark draws wonderfully), but a PLAID VEST and a PLAID BOWTIE to boot. (Please, someone renew Foggy’s model sheet!).

    I must say I like Azaceta’s art, it reminds me the early style of José Muñoz (of “Alack Sinner” fame), but somehow the characters doesn’t look quite as I think I should.

    Ben Urich looks fine, though. I’m glad so see him back, too ;D

  2. Christine

    Actually that was my main complaint as well. The scenery looks fine, and so does Ben Urich, but both Matt and, more specifically, Foggy look so different from what we’ve gotten used to. The plaid bowtie is a little over the top, I agree. 🙂


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