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by | Mar 25, 2008 | Recommended Links | 2 comments

The site Comics Make No Sense has a lot of funny posts on it. Visit and search for “daredevil” or go directly to this post I stumbled across today.

In other news, I’m working on that next review and will hopefully have my review of the latest arc up as well by the time #106 comes out tomorrow. Just trying to post as much stuff as possible before going to China on Friday! *phew* 🙂


  1. Adam Barnett

    Well, hi! Thanks for the link to CMNS! I haven’t plowed into DD as much as I plan to (I finally got to the Legion of Super-Heroes after suffering through about 300 issues of Adventure Comics), but I’ll be breaking things up with some more DD posts. Thanks again!

  2. Christine

    Sure! I love your site (I’ve done some looking around…), so I thought I’d link it. Early DD in particular is full of things that don’t make much sense, so there should be plenty there to explore. Take a look at my “Wacky powers” series, if you don’t believe me (check the labels). 😉 That one isn’t even close to being finished yet…


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