Bru interview, art improvements and reviews…

Mar 14, 2008

Bru interview, art improvements and reviews…

Mar 14, 2008

Okay, this is more of a random post, but this weekend I will be posting reviews/brief summaries of all of Brubaker’s arcs so far. Fun, huh? For those who might be curious about what criteria I’m basing my reviews on, here’s a link to my review guidelines in .pdf format. This link will be posted again anytime I do a review from now on.

Meanwhile, there’s a new interview with Brubaker up at Newsarama, along with some additional art work from #106. These pictures look much better than the ones we saw previously and it seems like they are cleaning up the art a lot. This looks more similar to Larks work, but with a slightly more “cartoony” feel to it. Also (and without spoiling the preceding arc for anyone), it is clear that Heather and Glorianna have not been forgotten, which I know is something that at least one segment of my readership appreciates. That’s all I’m going to say about that. 😉 I’d have to say that the interview was pretty interesting as well, and it was nice to hear Bru talk about some of his motivations for doing certain things.

Other posts coming up in the next few days: “Wacky power #4 – Daredevil, arts critic?,” “Oh Karen! #2” and the first post in a new series that will be a sort of natural history of the radar sense, told through panels from the book. Writers and artists have interpreted it many different ways throughout Daredevil history, and I thought that might be interesting to explore.

I’m going to try to post a lot in the next couple of weeks, before I go to China on the 28th to work for two weeks, during which time the blog will probably go on hiatus. Meanwhile, I’ll do my best to keep you entertained. Speaking of entertainment, my #106 spoof is now the number one hit for the Google search query “Daredevil #106 cover” (without the quotes). I thought that was pretty funny. The link doesn’t lead to this blog but to my LiveJournal account where it was cross-posted. Okay, take care everyone!


  1. Gloria

    This part of your readership (;D)confesses to be very pleased with Glori and Heather being remembered.

    Now if it only could be remembered that Foggy once loved Glori too (and that she loved him back!)

    BTW, It is curious to see Elektra there, and one wonders about her current status: I mean, she’s there along the mourned, but matt’s been seeing her for quite some time… Unless the Secret Invasion stuff reveals that she was “someone else” ever since college.

  2. Christine

    Hmmm… Yes, I admit. You were the segment of my readership I was thinking of. 😀

    About Secret Invasion, I wouldn’t mind if it turned out that Elektra has been a Skrull since after she was first resurrected a long time ago. While she’s become such a popular character in her own right in the Marvel U, she hasn’t really worked well as a character in DD since Miller in my opinion. But isn’t there supposed to be a real Elektra around as well as the Skrull Elektra? I’m confused about all that stuff.

    Now if only someone would write “Secret Invasion for Dummies.”

  3. Genesaur

    That interview link seems to be dead and gone.


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