Bad Foggy!

Mar 15, 2008

Bad Foggy!

Mar 15, 2008

While gathering material for the other posts I’m working on, I came across this panel that I thought was so terrible that I just had to post it right away. Remember Foggy Nelson? The good guy? Well, imagine the following…

You have just been told that your best friend and law partner, who also happens to be blind, is missing in a ship wreck. The girl both you and your friend are in love with cries on your shoulder. Now, what do you think? “Oh no! Not Matt, he was my best friend! What if he’s really dead?!” Well, that’s what a modern Foggy would think, but back when he was stuck in the Love Triangle of Doom (okay, I just made that up) his concerns were a little more selfish. Take a look at this shot from Daredevil #13.

Foggy being a jealous asshole

Foggy being a jealous asshole

Well, Foggy… Maybe because she’s not as cold and unfeeling as you? Thank goodness Foggy changed!

Oh, and if you’re wondering, Matt isn’t really dead. He’s fighting Ka-Zar without the benefit of his powers so he actually is in a pretty tight spot as we – they – speak.


  1. Gloria

    Maybe this Foggy is so unconcerned about his pal’s fate because… He’s not Foggy!! HE’S RAYMOND BURR!!

    Now seriously, I think the “Love Triangle of Doom” is to blame: when a man has sighted a lady with his periscope, he won’t know friends or next of kin: nothing will get between his hormones and the object of his infatuation: I suppose early Foggy was very Darwinistic in his eearch for a mate.

    Of course, Fogs was unlucky, for Karen’s heart already belonged to Matt. He got luckier when his old schoolmate at Filmore, Debbie Harris showed up again with some added curves, and they eventually mated.

    Hum… Did I say “He got luckier” when he met Debbie? Ahem, erase that one

  2. Franco

    I don’t find that thought cold or unfeeling at all. In fact, it’s a bit injust to condemn it like that.

    Come on, he was probably worried the same for his friend.
    But at that time he was also crazy for Karen, _and_ a lot insecure of himself. I think we can allow him to have had that thought.


  3. Christine

    Well, a couple of different opinions here, I see… LOL

    Let me restate my thoughts:

    1) His worry for his friend should have overridden anything he may have felt for Karen at that time.

    2) He should not have interpreted Karen crying as automatically having anything to do with her being in love with Matt, but rather as a natural reaction. One he should have shared (not necessarily crying, but something along those lines).

    I still think he comes across as not showing enough concern about whether Matt is alive or not, which is contrary to what we would expect from him the way he is written today. So, yeah… still going with a “Bad Foggy!” on this one. 😉

  4. Scott

    I have some advice I picked up from Girl-Wonder. Whenever a character acts horrifically out of place, IT’S A CLONE!

    Matt cheats on Karen with a psychopathic killer? Clone.

    Karen sells Matty’s identity for a wee bit of heroin? Clone.

    Foggy more worried about Karen being in love with Matty then Matty being alive?


  5. Gloria


    Alternatively: SKRULLS!!


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