Daredevil’s humble beginnings

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In 1964, someone (presumably Stan Lee and Bill Everett) had an idea for what would become the origin of Daredevil. While it would eventually turn out to be a stroke of genius, one has to wonder how it all came about, keeping in mind that the line between inspired and insane is sometimes a very thin one. Perhaps their thoughts went something like this:

“Justice is blind. Well, that’s actually a very interesting idea when you think about it… What if justice really were blind. Literally. Hmmm… I’ve got it! Let’s take a blind lawyer and make him into a superhero. It’s such a wacky idea it just might work!”

However it happened, the idea led to the creation of my favorite comic book character – Daredevil. While Daredevil has never been among the top sellers at Marvel, the book has had a steady following for most of its run and has been home to some of the best writers and artists in the business.

I’m the kind of person for whom every interest and hobby eventually develops into a passion and that’s why I’ve started this blog which is devoted to everything Daredevil. I hope to be able to mix summaries/reviews of old and current issues, with humorous observations and general musings on DD characters.

I post regularly on the board of the Man Without Fear website (which is the best fan website ever, in any category), but I figured that posting in every single thread might come off as a little insane, and that I needed a separate outlet for all my DD-related energy. That’s it for now. All kinds of comments are welcome!


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