Mark Waid talking Daredevil with MTV (transcript of Wondercon video interview)

Daredevil is a dream book to work on! First off, I've got a murderer's row of artists. I have Marcos Martín, I have Paolo Rivera, I now have Chris Samnee on the book, and these guys are phenomenal storytellers.


And the character is great. Daredevil has been through so many dark incarnations in the past ten or fifteen years. And it has been an amazing list of writers who have worked on the book; I'm very lucky to have followed some of the best writers in comics. It's very daunting though because everyone of them came to the table with the idea of "How do we make Matt Murdock's life worse?" "How do we make it even more hellish?" "How do we make it even more dark?" to the point where you wonder why every issue doesn't start with Matt Murdock with a gun in his mouth? And I can't write that character! I respect all that, I think that's great storytelling, but on a personal level, I can't connect with that. I can't write a guy who doesn't find some joy in being a superhero.


The trick was: How do you do that without disavowing all the stuff that's come before, without making light of all the trials Matt has been through? The answer was really simple. The answer is, like most people in Matt's shoes with that sort of dark depressing history, he has to wake up one morning and have the strength to go "no more!" To have the strength to say "I'm going to live my life the way I want to live it, and the rest of the world… I don't care if they like it, I don't care if they like my choices now, I'm just going to live my life the way I want to live it because nobody else can make my life better but me." He gets up one day and decides to turn the clock back ten or fifteen years and he's Matt Murdock, the hot young lawyer who is just out there doing stuff and having a good time. And as Daredevil, he is swashbuckling and he's fighting the good fight and he no longer sits on rooftops at night with the rain cascading down, with his face in his hands going "Oh, what has become of my life?"


This is an interesting choice because it doesn't put a light to anything that's happened before, but his friends, including Foggy Nelson - his partner in law and who knows that Matt is Daredevil. Foggy knows that this is probably not the most healthy way of dealing with Matt's depressive tendency. This is probably not the most healthy way of dealing with the choices that Matt has made over the years and Foggy is always wondering - and you'll see this more in the upcoming issues - is it a façade? Is it for real or is it a façade, and if it's a façade, is it starting to crack? Foggy finds some very interesting things out about Matt - that he didn't know and that we didn't know - starting in issue 13 that may start to make the whole house of cards tumble down.