Returning supporting characters in Daredevil’s second season

Matt and Foggy talk to Sgt. Brett Mahoney, as seen in episode thirteen of Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix

Aside from core staff of three at Nelson & Murdock, most of the promotional attention for season two has thus far been directed at The Punisher & Elektra. This is not surprising considering how central they are bound to be for the story going forward. And, they are also very high profile characters in the 616 Universe.

We’ve also known for some time that Claire will be back in the second season, especially since one of her roles is to provide some of the narrative glue holding the various Netflix shows together. It’s unlikely that she’ll get nearly as much screen time in the second season, but I’m sure that whatever scenes she does have will be great. We also know that Stick will be coming back for another three episodes. This was announced quite a while back and, of course, makes perfect sense considering the inclusion of Elektra and, well, ninjas.

What about some of the other characters though? There were several from the supporting cast that I really enjoyed last season and am very happy to see back. I should say that I would absolutely love to see a flashback scene or two with Jack Murdock, but I’m not holding my breath for that to happen. Below, however, are some of the players we should keep an eye out for.

Sgt. Brett Mahoney

Brett Mahoney has already been seen in the first trailer for season two, and I was thrilled to see him in Jessica Jones as well. The “one good cop” of season one, actor Royce Johnson’s was a performance I really enjoyed the last time around. Brett has got a cool, no bullshit attitude and exactly the kind of dry and understated brand of humor that I tend to enjoy. Considering that he doesn’t get a lot of screen time in the first season, I think the creators did a pretty solid job of infusing the character with a distinct personality and giving him some pretty unforgettable lines. Welcome back, Brett!

Sgt. Brett Mahoney talking to Matt and Foggy, as seen in the trailer for Daredevil season two

Marci Stahl

I must admit that I really liked Marci Stahl in the first season. She’s something of a bitch, probably not someone I would personally be friends with, but she still has a nice bit of heart and complexity to her. The combination is refreshing. The “bitchy” girl is not an uncommon archetype – we’ve all seen Mean Girls right? – but Marci never becomes a caricature. She gets close, but right when you think you’ve got her figured out, she turns out to have a few more layers. As for an appearance in season two, actress Amy Rutberg has more or less confirmed it on Twitter. Whether she and Foggy will still be “frenemies with benefits” next season remains to be seen. I’m sure Foggy will have plenty of reason to go to her for “I’m pissed at my best friend” sex.

Foggy and Marci in her apartment, as seen in episode eleven of Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix

Turk Barret

Actor Rob Morgan has also confirmed on Twitter that he’ll be making a return in season two. Oh, and if you don’t follow him on Twitter, you absolutely should. He’s a super funny guy who is happy to interact with fans. With his former boss in prison, there was no guarantee he would be back this time around, but in the comic Turk has always been a resourceful guy. It will be interesting to see where he fits. Perhaps as someone targeted by the Punisher? Or will this be the time we get him seen thrown through a window at Josie’s bar?

Turk running from the police, as seen in episode thirteen of Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix

Melvin Potter

Though I haven’t seen much talk about this, it seems pretty much a given that Melvin “The Gladiator” Potter will return in the second season. First of all, he is still alive. While that may not always be necessary (see below), it certainly helps. Secondly, the evolution of Daredevil’s costume is looking to continue and be ongoing throughout the season. Potter is the costume guy, and he only really got in on the action toward the end of the last season, leaving us with plenty of untapped story-telling potential. I think we can safely welcome Matt Gerald back to the show!

Melvin Potter in his workshop, as seen in episode eleven of Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix


While there is no real confirmation on this, there has been plenty of speculation that Peter Shinkoda might reprise his role as Nobu in the next season. You might point out that he died in the first season, but as we all know, death appears to be a much less final state in the comics. Especially for people who deal in the dark arts. Look here for more on this theory.

Nobu in his fight with Matt, from episode nine of Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix

Did I miss anyone? You guys let me know if I did! Whose return are you most looking forward to seeing this coming season?

Season 2 under way, Elektra casting news, and a new Daredevil creative team

Hey guys! With so much news coming out recently, I couldn’t go any longer without updating. Let’s start with the comic book news, and then move on to the Netflix show (aren’t we spoiled these days?)

Charles Soule and Ron Garney is the new Daredevil creative team

It’s been known for quite a while now that Mark Waid and Chris Samnee are leaving Daredevil at the end of the current arc, but it wasn’t until a few days ago that we learned who would be next in line to tackle the character. It’s now been officially announced that Charles Soule will step in as the new writer, with Ron Garney on art duties.

There was a lot of speculation at first who the new character appearing at Matt’s side on the cover of the October issue, but this and many other question were answered – sort of – in this new interview with A.V. Club, where Soule and Garney go into some detail about what’s next for the Man Without Fear. Obviously, if you don’t want any kind of spoilers, stay away. Feel free to discuss anything and everything in the comment section though!

Elodie Yung is Elektra!

Just yesterday, it was announced that Marvel and Netflix have found the actress who will portray Elektra in the next season of Daredevil, and she is French actress Elodie Yung. Without really knowing anything about her (though I did vaguely recognize her from something), she certainly looks the part! I’ve never been a huge fan of Elektra as a character – despite naming one of my cats after her – but I actually have a pretty good feeling about this. Oh, and there’s even some promotional Elektra themed art to go along with the announcement:

Official Elektra promo art for season two of Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix

Season two of filming for Marvel’s Daredevil has begun

Speaking of season two, and as many of you might have seen already, set photos of Charlie Cox and Elden Henson have appeared online, courtesy of photographer Shelly Kay. You can see more of them on her Twitter timeline. It feels like yesterday that the first season premieres, and I can’t believe that next season is cooking as we speak. I can’t wait to see more glimpses of what’s coming up!

With this post, I’m going to switch to doing “reruns” for a few weeks. It may not look like it, but I’m actually quite busy with Daredevil these days as I’m finally making real progress on that Daredevil book I’ve been talking about for years. In order for me to focus on that project, I will switch to putting up a “new” featured post from the archives on the start page, rotating every couple of days. I will stay active on Twitter, and Facebook, and will do my best to cover any news that comes out!

Daredevil on Netflix: Quick NYCC round-up

It’s been a busy weekend on my end and so much news to report from NYCC that I’m going to have to get back to you on this one. For now, I just want to try to do a quick post with links to the news coverage from the Daredevil panel, so that it’s at least all in one place!

General news

Coverage of the Daredevil panel at NYCC

Videos from the panel and cast interviews

From top to bottom, the panel itself (released earlier today, doesn’t include footage from the show), followed by cast interviews, parts 1 and 2.

I will try to return ASAP, especially since I really want to talk about the additions to the cast, some of whom I’m really excited about! For now, I bid you all a good night. 😉

Breaking: Matt Wilson new Daredevil colorist as of Daredevil #8!

After the recent news that Javier Rodríguez will be leaving his coloring duties on Daredevil, with next month’s Daredevil #5 being his final issue in that capacity (he is the penciler of Daredevil #6 and #7), I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to be curious about who would fill those (big) shoes. Daredevil editor Ellie Pyle was kind enough to get in touch with me. This is what she had to say, with quotes from Matt himself and Chris Samnee!

The Daredevil team is pleased to announce that Mathew Wilson will be taking over as the full time colorist on Daredevil as of issue #8!

Javier Rodriguez has been a vital part of the Daredevil team for the last 45 issues, keeping the book beautifully consistent through different interior artists, but when he decided to focus on drawing full time (keep an eye on October’s solicits!) Matt Wilson was the first person I called! I’ve been a big fan of his recent work on Young Avengers and, of course, it was a chance to reunite the art team behind Thor: The Mighty Avenger.

Matt graciously accepted, saying:
“I was a big fan Chris Samnee’s work even before working with him. So I was shocked when he was one of the first artists I colored at Marvel, and was then lucky enough to do two series in a row with him. Since then I’ve colored some of his covers and short stories, but nothing on a regular basis. Now that I’m going to be on Daredevil I’m really excited to get his pages on a monthly basis. Besides getting to color Chris again, I’m also looking forward to joining the book in general. What Mark Waid and all the previous artists, including outgoing colorist Javier Rodriguez, have done on this run has been phenomenal work. It’s been some of my favorite super hero work over the past few years. I couldn’t be more thrilled to come on board!”

Artist Chris Samnee added:
“While we’re all sad to see Javier go, I only see great things in his future. And I have no doubt in my mind that having Matt come on board to fill the giant shoes Javi left behind is going to be fantastic.

Matt and I have known each other for a good long while now, since back when we were first just getting our feet in the comics door. We started out working on the Siege: Embedded miniseries and really hit our stride on Thor: The Mighty Avenger. Since then we’ve worked on a several sequential things over the years and scores of covers. He’s great at selling tone in mood through his colors and somehow always manages to make my stuff look even better than I ever could have imagined. He’s an amazing talent and we’re really lucky that have him joining the team.

Folks may have already seen his colors on the cover to Daredevil #8 or the recent 1.5 variant cover but I can’t wait for them to see what he brings to the interiors. I think it’s gonna blow everybody away.”

So stay tuned Hornheads! More stunningly colored issues are heading your way! And if you check out Matt’s work on the cover to #8, you can see we’ll be starting with one that’s particularly Purple.

Said with a smile,

Ellie Pyle
Daredevil Editor

For a look at that Daredevil #8 cover, in case you missed Marvel’s September solications yesterday, look no further. As a massive fan of the color purple, I heartily approve. Welcome to the world of Daredevil, Matt! I’m sure I speak for many of us when I say that Javier will be missed, but I’m very much looking forward to seeing what you’ll bring to this title. While the title character can’t appreciate your work, I’m sure all of us will! 😉

Cover to Daredevil #8 by Chris Samnee and Mathew Wilson

Matt Murdock and the tax code

I will often joke about the fact that no aspect of Daredevil – the character, or the book and its cast – is too mundane to analyze in detail. So far, I’ve covered everything from Matt’s hair (and Foggy’s facial hair) to his love life (that post is probably due for an update), and what happens when he gets a cold.

Sometimes, I like to get a little more speculative, so for this post I’m going to write about something that has never actually been touched on in the comic, but which would – if the Marvel Universe is at all similar to our own – affect both Matt and the Nelson & Murdock law firm. Not in any major way, to be sure, but still. I am talking about the fact that Matt gets to make an extra deduction on his taxes, simply because he’s blind.

I’m sure this seems a little off-topic, but today is the first day of “tax season” in the U.S., and the special tax break for the blind is one of those things about the American tax code that I have been wondering about ever since that one year I actually paid taxes in the U.S. (you’re welcome) way back in 2005, and found it on line 39a of my 1040. While I can’t speak for other countries, there is nothing like this in my own country, in the sense that one particular disability gets singled out and people affected by it given special treatment, based solely on an arbitrary diagnosis, i.e. being on the “right” side of the legal blindness limit.

A shot of the relevant portion of a 1040 IRS tax form.

The best explanation of why the blind get a tax break can be found in this 2005 Slate article. It is worth reading in full, and it’s really not that long, but I’ll quote a portion of it here:

“Until the 1940s, personal exemptions from the income tax were so big that the tax burden was negligible for many Americans. But as the need for tax revenues increased during the war, the size of exemptions decreased; in 1942, a single filer could deduct just $500 from his or her income, as opposed to $1,000 in 1939 and $3,000 in 1916. The Revenue Act of 1943 relieved this growing burden in a number of ways; one was the creation of a $500 deduction for the blind—in gratitude, it was said, for work they’d done in the defense industries.”

“Why were the blind singled out for a special benefit? For one thing, blindness can be measured with relative ease. Federal guidelines are quite explicit: If you can’t see better than 20/200, or if your field of vision is less than 20 degrees, you can take the credit. Other conditions (like bad knees, for example) are more difficult to assess, although filers with such ailments can deduct “significant medical expenses”—currently defined as anything over 7.5 percent of adjusted gross income—from their income.”

The definition of legal blindness, as outlined about, becomes relevant for many purposes besides determining whether a person is eligible for a special tax deduction. It is used at both the state and federal level to determine access to various services. But the question one might ask is whether Matt would take advantage of it. I absolutely think he should. Not only does he “work” countless unpaid hours serving the people of New York, which would surely offset any guilt he might feel at paying a little less on what I assume is a pretty good income, there is also the fact that blindness can be very expensive. Matt may have super-senses, but even a few special gadgets can get really pricey, really fast. Something as simple as a desktop braille printer can cost thousands of dollars. Suddenly that tax break, $1,550 ($1,200 if he were married), seems like a minor consolation.

Of course, if Matt is smart, and we know he is, he would simply have Nelson and Murdock pay for the printer which, unlike certain other things, can be considered a business expense. Small businesses with thirty or fewer employees can make use of the Disabled Access Credit, by which they can be reimbursed for fifty percent of up to $10,000 per year for costs associated with making accommodations for a disabled employee. In practice though, it would also frequently fall to the courts, as public entities, to make sure that a blind lawyer in this case gets, say, a brailled copy of reports relevant to the case, or a description of some highly visual piece of evidence.

However, while blindness can be expensive, there’s also Matt’s “other” life to consider, and I suspect that’s where costs start to skyrocket. There are, for instance, the higher insurance premiums and co-pays associated with having the office attacked by supervillains on a semi-regular basis. On the other hand, in the Marvel Universe’s version of New York, this must a common problem. Just ask the people at the Daily Bugle, or really any place that Galactus would like to eat for breakfast. Then we have the medical expenses associated with regularly getting beat up. Add to that the cost of new Daredevil costumes (and office attire) which need to be replaced. I’m sure it adds up.

For a look at these and other legal matters that pertain to Daredevil, check out the always excellent Law and the Multiverse, a very ambitious blog run by real lawyers who love comic books. They even have a book out! Of special interest here is their post PS238: Superheroes and Tax Deductions, with part of the conclusion quoted below, but most of their stuff is both funny and thought-provoking and well worth reading.

“But he’s probably correct that the IRS would not consider his “vigilante detective” activity to be a business, and his office probably could not qualify as a home office if it were part of his house. The same is true of many other superheroes, including, most obviously, Batman.”

Well, this is it for now! This post was perhaps a little off-topic in pure Daredevil terms, but hey, it was educational, right? 😉 I shall be back in a few short days with my interview with Daredevil: Road Warrior artist Peter Krause. Stay tuned!

Memorable Daredevil moments from 2013

With the year coming to a close within a few short hours, I thought I’d just look back briefly at 2013 and talk about the things on the Daredevil front that, to me, stood out the most. I will include both things that happened to the character(s) in the comic, the title itself and beyond. So, here are some random categories that I hope will make for a good summary of 2013!

Most surprising news: The Daredevil Netflix series


After the Daredevil movie rights went back to Marvel last year (i.e. in the fall of 2012), things were pretty quiet for a while. It wasn’t until April of this year, that Marvel publicly confirmed what most had correctly assumed. And, even then, the confirmation left no clues to what Marvel intended to do with their “new” property. While many of us had been hoping for a television show, that seemed like a pipe dream, and if there was going to be a new movie, it would certainly have to wait for years.

So, when it was announced that Marvel had struck at deal with online streaming service Netflix for a full package of four new Marvel series – and that Daredevil was one of them – I will admit to being floored by the news. We now also know that Drew Goddard has been confirmed as the series showrunner, as well as the director of the pilot episode. I have yet to give any sort of full treatment of my own thoughts on the upcoming television series, which will premiere in 2015, but I still intend to devote a full podcast to that. I hope to be able to squeeze that in before too long!

Most devastating story devlopment: Foggy’s cancer diagnosis

Sad panel of Foggy, from Daredevil #22 by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee

While Foggy’s diagnosis still seems recent to me, perhaps because the mild shock of it hasn’t completely worn off yet, Foggy actually broke the news in the very first issue of the year, January’s Daredevil #22.

We have since learned that Foggy has a form of cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma, which is a cancer of the bones that rarely affects adults. Even though this storyline has been ongoing since, we still don’t know the severity of the situation, although last month’s cliffhanger was sure to send chills down the spines of most fans.

Most shocking villain return: Bullseye in a jar

Wall of news clippings, from Daredevil #24 by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee

Okay, so Mark Waid made sure to drop plenty of clues for this one, but I’ll admit it, I was still shocked when the mastermind behind many of Matt’s woes up until that point were revealed to have been plotted by his arch villain (and for the record, I still think Death-Stalker was a very good guess!).

Not only did I not see Bullseye as much of a schemer – though I do, in retrospect, buy the premise that extreme circumstances might steer him in that direction – but he was also dead. True, in comics, death is something you occasionally recover from, especially in the presence of ninjas. But still. Either way, this team did good. The string of issues that came out in the spring were amazing, and left me a very happy camper. It also brings me to…

Twistiest twist: “Try the red one”

Ikari reveals his secret, as seen in Daredevil #25 by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee

Not only did Daredevil #25 prove to me that an issue consisting almost entirely by a single fight scene could be as mind-blowingly good as it was (thanks in great part to Chris Samnee’s amazing choreography, starting with this very issue he and Waid have been credited as co-storytellers), it also contained one of those shocking reveals that I, for one, did not see coming. Neither did Daredevil, who demonstrates a look of stunned horror at the realization that his new foe Ikari is everything he is and more – he can see!

Best use of old continuity: Matt at Carter College

Matt remembers his lecture at Carter College, from Daredevil #30 by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee

This one really cracked my up. As you may recall, I discussed the old issue that these panels were taken from in a previous post, when the preview for Daredevil #30 came out. The issue itself focuses more heavily on the meeting between Daredevil and the Silver Surface (which I hereby nominate for the “Most unlikely team-up category,” in a tie with the Legion of Monsters), and their beautiful and breathless chase through New York, but I absolutely loved the way Waid & Co. payed homage to an old tale by Stan Lee and Gene Colan. The old issue, Daredevil #28, is full of crazy, but this creative team managed to update it for a new era, while poking gentle fun at the original story.

Biggest sigh of relief: New run, same great creative team!

Part of the cover to the new Daredevil #1, by Chris Samnee

Over the last few months, Daredevil fans were sent on an emotional roller-coaster. After hints of exciting things to come for Daredevil’s 50th anniversary in 2014, it was suddenly announced that the current ongoing series would end with Daredevil #36, which is due out in February. After that, there was no news at all for a while and it was all pretty nerve-wracking. We first learned of an upcoming digital series, Daredevil: Road Warrior, by Mark Waid and Peter Krause, before a new volume of the title was announced, with the same beloved creative team attached.

While I had a strong hunch this was coming, I was very relieved to see it confirmed. The launch of the new series will coincide with some major changes in Matt Murdock’s life, including a move to San Francisco. Personally, I’m really excited about this and happy to see the whole team still so committed to the character. (It has since been revealed that we will lose one key team member though, in the form of editor Steve Wacker who will move to the Marvel Animation side of the business on the west coast.)

In conclusion…

This list could easily have been much longer, but alas, I have a New Year’s Eve party to get to, so I’ll have to round it off here! On a more personal note, a real highlight for me this year was my trip to Baltimore for the Baltimore Comic Con, which was easily the best con I’ve been to, and not only because I got to meet Mark Waid and Chris Samnee! I was also truly honored to be given a cameo appearance in Daredevil #31 as one of the jurors. All my friends were very impressed! 😉

What did you guys think of all the things that happened this year? Let the rest of us know in the comments! And Happy New Year! I will see you in 2014, I just know it’s going to be exciting. 😀

No more Waid & Samnee Daredevil? Think again.

I was going to review Daredevil #32 today, but I don’t really have the peace of mind for it just yet. And no, I don’t think that the end of “the current era” that will come with February’s Daredevil #36 means the end of this creative team’s relationship with our favorite blind lawyer. Judging from online reactions, I may be one of the few people out there going, “Oh please!” at this whole thing. Having said that, I find it a little annoying. And I don’t feel like reviewing Daredevil #32 just yet.

So, what makes me so sure that Daredevil ending isn’t exactly what it looks like – or at least the way it looks like when the news is presented out of context? First of all, I’m only about 98% sure. There’s always a little bit of doubt that stems from the fact that, occasionally, things happen that force people to abandon their current plans for new ones. I suspect that both Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martín had expected to stay on Daredevil longer than they did. But, things happen. Mark Waid’s plate is so full that it would make perfect sense for him to drop a title from his workload. Chris Samnee may have been offered a dream gig. It happens. On the other hand, this announcement absolutely reeks of Marvel trying to stir things up for shock value. Let’s examine the evidence. Again.

The things they aren’t saying

Let’s start with the quote from editor Stephen Wacker that sent a wave of panic through Daredevil fandom:

“Javier will be back to draw issue #34 in a couple of months to give Chris time to focus on our big two-part finale to this era of Daredevil. Sad, I know, but all things must end, right?”

I will have you note the use of the words “this era of Daredevil” (i.e. there’s another one soon too follow?). In response to another letter further down, Wacker writes: “No plans, what with the book ending and all.” Yeah, that doesn’t sound like he’s being a big tease or anything. Not at all… 😉

Later in the afternoon yesterday, Chris Samnee posted the following tweet:

Again, what is he not saying? For one, he’s saying “the” final issue rather than “our” final issue. There’s no hint of what else he might be doing, no expression of regret or sadness, no hint of “moving on to other things.” One might also wonder why the famously prolific artist would need two months off to finish two issues, that do not appear to be double-sized (Daredevil #35, at least, has been solicited already and has the usual page count). Unless he’s heavily involved in whatever comes next. Which seems highly likely to me.

The things they are saying

Just last month, Wacker had this to say (as I’ve mentioned previously):

“If our plans for the next few months work out, you’ll be continuing to get your DD fix each and every month… but in a much bigger way. Stay tuned!”

Then there was Mark Waid and this. Which he said, oh, a few days ago:

“But we do know this one thing for sure: the Waid/Samnee/Rodriguez/Caramagna team isn’t going anywhere, and we’re striving for new heights!”

And, in case you need more evidence for the things-are-not-what-they-seem pile, there’s this updated Newsarama article posted yesterday that is hinting at the same thing. Among other things, there’s a link to – and quote from – a previous Newsarama interview with Mark Waid and Chris Samnee from late August. I quote:

Nrama: Last question, guys — I know it’s a ways down the road but you’re less than a year away from the 50th anniversary of Daredevil’s debut back in 1964. Any plans you can talk about?

Samnee: That’d sure be a smart move, wouldn’t it?

Waid: Nothing we can talk about, but concrete plans afoot. Big things. We’re not about to let that landmark come and go without acknowledgement!

Samnee: Guess you’ll have to wait and see [winks].

So what is going on?

My bet is that we will see a relaunch, or a completely new series (still starring Daredevil), by the same creative team. Maybe they’ll finally scratch the “Man Without Fear” tagline? February marks Daredevil 50th anniversary, and as much as we may groan about books being renumbered, it actually makes sense for Marvel to do so, particularly at a time when Daredevil will be getting a lot of press anyway.

The fact that Mark Waid has had such a long run is not only an advantage in terms of sales. There are plenty of people who hesitate to jump onboard a title after dozens of issues, even when it’s beginner-friendly or comes highly recommended. Marvel will likely also take this opportunity to raise the price to $3.99.

At the end of the day, I have no other source of information than anyone else, but because I always make sure to read everything written about Daredevil, I was immediately suspicious of the the new info coming out. So, while 2% of me is terrified, 98% of me is saying: This should be fun. Whatever “this” is. Bring it!

Before I forget, here’s an unlettered preview of Daredevil #33. The interior art is by Jason Copland, and it looks amazing! I can’t wait-

What’s in store for Daredevil in 2014?

As I was writing this (I kid you not), I got a message from a TOMP reader about this post on Bleeding Cool. Do not follow the link if you’re trying to avoid spoilers. I will also try to deal with it, very delicately, in the fourth item on my list below.

A few days ago, I wrote a post about some recent news, leaving the more speculative bits for a later post, i.e. the one you’re reading right now. Before getting to that, I also wanted to remind you guys of the fantastic interview that Kuljit from did with Javier Rodríguez. I’m sure at least some of you have checked it out already, but if you haven’t, you should go read it right away. Well, after you finish this post…

Okay, so why this post? Well, this spring marks Daredevil’s 50th anniversary, and we all know that Marvel is pretty big on anniversaries. And 50 years is a pretty big milestone. It feels natural that they would do something to get Matt Murdock a little more exposure. With the critical successes that the current volume of Daredevil has had, the anniversary also comes at the perfect time in the title’s history. There’s also the fact that Daredevil has essentially had two books for over a year now. He is currently appearing in his own anthology series, Daredevil: Dark Nights, and before that he appeared (well, not really) in Daredevil: End of Days. With Dark Nights ending, there appears to maybe be room for more. Not necessarily a second title, but something. Let’s speculate, but first, here are some enigmatic pieces to this puzzle:

  1. Stephen Wacker’s quote from last issue

    “If our plans for the next few months work out, you’ll be continuing to get your DD fix each and every month… but in a much bigger way. Stay tuned!”

  2. Chris Samnee is obviously hard at work on something, but it’s not Daredevil #33 or #34

    We already know that Daredevil #34, which comes out in December, will have interior art by Javier Rodríguez. And though Chris Samnee has provided the art for Daredevil #32, which comes out today, and will be back for Daredevil #35, Kuljit recently posted this news about Daredevil #33:

    It certainly possible that Samnee might have taken some personal time for reasons that don’t concern anyone else, but my hunch is that he’s working on whatever “Daredevil in a much bigger way” means. We’ll see!

  3. Mark Waid’s most recent interview

    Two days ago, Mark Waid did and interview with Newsarama. Its main focus is on the events of this week’s issue, but Waid also had the following to say (full quote from the last two paragraphs of the article):

    Speaking of history, in 2014 Daredevil will be celebrating his 50th anniversary in comics. In the advance solicitations they’ve dropped hints about something big happening. When we talked with Waid and Samnee back in August they played coy, but this time out we pressed Waid hard about Daredevil’s prospects in the new year.

    “They’re…interesting. And quite unexpected and quite familiar at the same time,” the writer reveals. “They may or may not involve a drastic shift in Matt Murdock’s career and lifestyle. But we do know this one thing for sure: the Waid/Samnee/Rodriguez/Caramagna team isn’t going anywhere, and we’re striving for new heights!”

  4. Now, as I mentioned in the note section at the top of this post, Bleeding Cool just posted an article that explains, as if on cue, what Chris Samnee is currently busy with. If you read that post there are also strong hints of something ending (I’m tryin to be subtle here). However, I think they are pulling a fast one on us.

So what does it all mean?

Okay, I’ll admit. This post suddenly got weird. I started writing it with one kind of scenario in mind, and then got an email about a new development that suggests something else entirely. So, I’m basically just going to go with whatever guess seems the most fitting in light of allthe information: I suspect that Daredevil might be relaunched under a new name, go back to the original number or have its packaging changed in some major ways. Before reading the Bleeding Cool post, I was going to suggest that Daredevil might get an Infinity comic or something of that nature, but now, I don’t know. Given what was said in points 1 and 3 on the above list, however, I do not for a second think that we should be taking the reveal in point 4 too literally.

Wow, this is all confusing! Either way, I think further news will be forthcoming, perhaps even in the next couple of days. Everyone, feel free to speculate!

Daredevil news update, October 18

Greetings all! While there wasn’t that much to report from last week’s New York Comic Con, we have since seen Marvel release their January solicitations, and just this morning (my time), a preview of next week’s Daredevil #32 was posted at the usual news sites. So, I thought a general news update post seemed in order so that we can enjoy the upcoming weekend while being fully informed of everything happening in Daredevil land. Let’s start with the most recent first:

Preview of Daredevil #32

It seems like it’s been forever since Daredevil #31, doesn’t it? It at least does to me. Anyway, it was a real treat to see the preview of Daredevil #32, and while three pages isn’t enough to base an informed opinion on, it certainly seems like Mark Waid, Chris Samnee and the rest of the gang have managed to make a proper Halloween adventure out of this issue without it coming off as contrived. Have a look at it yourself, and see what you think!

January solicitations

January sees the publication of three issues that should be of interest to Daredevil fans. Aside from the obvious main title – in the form of Daredevil #35 – we will also get Daredevil: Dark Nights #8, the final issue of the series. Daredevil will also make an appearance, together with the Punisher, in Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #9. The issue is written by Kevin Shinick, and has art by Marco Checchetto. The latter obviously has a lot of previous experience drawing Daredevil, and always does it really well. I think this could be a very interesting issue! Have a look at all of the Marvel comics coming out in January here.

News from NYCC

While NYCC didn’t really give us any new information on things pertaining to the Daredevil title, we did learn of two new solo titles starring characters with close ties to Daredevil. One is a Black Widow series, by Nathan Edmondson and Phil Noto, and the other is a new Elektra series by Zeb Wells and Mike Del Mundo. We also saw a cover of the Punisher wearing an I’m not Daredevil T-shirt (as seen below, art by Mitch Gerads). It seems everyone wants to wear that shirt.

The Punisher wearing and I'm Not Daredevil shirt

In closing…

There are also some other things that I’ve been wanting to talk to you guys about, which will have to wait until tomorrow. This includes an intriguing comment made by editor Stephen Wacker in the letters page of last month’s Daredevil. There is also the information (based on an update by Diamond comics that ManWithoutFear’s Kuljit Mithra reported) that Daredevil #33 will have art by someone other than Chris Samnee (we already know that #34 will be by Javier Rodríguez) that also makes me suspect that these guys are definitely cooking up something for the next year. I hope to get back to that tomorrow while juggling being at a conference for work. I will see you then!

Daredevil at the Eisner and Harvey Awards

Cover to Daredevil #16, by Chris Samnee

I hope you’re all doing well! I’ve been mostly “away from keyboard” for the week, busy helping my mother pack up her things for a big move. I will, however, be glued to my computer screen for the Superior Spider-Man panel at Comic Con International in San Diego which will get under way in less than an hour. The panel will also cover Daredevil, and Chris Samnee will be on it so if there is any Daredevil news to report, you can read about it on the Facebook page. Or possibly in a separate post tomorrow. 😉

In the meantime, I thought we’d just look at Daredevil’s award nominations heading into the Eisner Awards as the winners will be announced tomorrow night. As you might recall, Daredevil did really well last year with six nominations and three wins. This year, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Chris Samnee, who is nominated in the Best Penciller/Inker category. We also have David Mazzucchelli’s Daredevil Born Again: Artist’s Edition which has been nominated in two categories: Best Archival Collection/project and Best Publication Design.

Later this year, on September 7, the results of the Harvey Awards will be announced at the Baltimore Comic Con. Daredevil and/or its creators are nominated in several categories, such as:

  • Best Continuing or Limited Series
  • Best Writer (Mark Waid)
  • Best Artist (Chris Samnee)
  • Best Letterer (Joe Caramagna)
  • Best Domestic Reprint Project (David Mazzucchelli’s Daredevil Born Again: Artist’s Edition)
  • Special Award for Excellence in Presentation (David Mazzucchelli’s Daredevil Born Again: Artist’s Edition)

It’s great to see Daredevil make that kind of impact and I wish everyone nominated the best of luck! I will admit that it would have been great to see Javíer Rodriguez get a nod as well as his work has been spectacular as well.

I will check back with you guys as soon as there is news to report from San Diego!