Dissecting the Daredevil season three trailer with Christine and Claire

Hey gang! Me and Claire from The Defenders Podcast are dissecting the season three trailer and going off on all kinds of weird and fun tangents. Listen below and follow along by looking at the screen shots!

“I used to listen to people, asking for help…”

Matt Murdock
Matt, dressed as the man in black, sitting near the cross on top of a church.

“…that’s what I was trying to do. Help people.”

[Machine gun fire]

“But I was fooling myself. Darkness only responds…

Matt Murdock

“…to darkness.”

“I’m Daredevil”

[Credit scene]

“I have made many mistakes, but I accept the debt I’m paying because of them.”

Wilson Fisk

“Prison has changed me.”

“What is it you’re saying?”

Ray Nadeem: 

“I want to make a deal”

Wilson Fisk

“He’s claiming to have changed…”

Matt Murdock

“…but they don’t know him like I do”

“Last time that we spoke, you threatened me. That is something I cannot forgive.”

Wilson Fisk

“I’ll stop him, for good this time…”

Matt Murdock

“There’s only one way to stop me, but you’re not going to do it.”

Wilson Fisk

“You’re sure about that?”

Matt Murdock

“Just be careful that you don’t become the monster.”

Sister Maggie

“Because I tried to make this city a better place.”

Wilson Fisk

“I will tell the world…”

“…who you really are.”

“Someone who is showing his true colors.”

“Sometimes you have to hurt one person for the greater good.”

Matt Murdock

“This city needs a new villain.”


“I think I might have found him.”

Wilson Fisk

“Daredevil is our true public enemy!”

“According to eye witnesses, this brutal attack has been carried out by none other than…”



“Who are you?”

Matt Murdock

“I’m Daredevil.”


Examining the second trailer for Daredevil season 2

First off, has everyone seen the second Daredevil trailer? The correct answer is “Of course we have!” Just in case though, it’s embedded below so you can refresh your memory. Just like last time, I’ve also included individual frames from the trailer, and a list of all the lines spoken. So, you should have everything you need to follow along listening to me and Claire from The Defenders Podcast analyze the trailer in minute detail. Enjoy!

Gallery of stills from the trailer (click any thumbnail to start browsing)

The full script from the trailer

Elektra: Would you believe me if I said I’d missed you?
Matt: No.
Elektra: I need your help, Matthew. You’re the only person I can trust.
Matt: Well, sweetheart, you don’t break into my house and then talk to me about trust.

Matt: What do you want from me?
Elektra: You fight better than anyone I know. And I have information. The Yakuza never left.
Matt:That’s impossible. I drove them out of New York City.
Elektra: No, you didn’t. They just hibernated and watched you take out all their enemies. Now, New York is ripe for the taking.
Matt: If we do this, nobody dies. Do you understand?

Elektra: Hungry?


Foggy: Every time I walk up those stairs, I wonder if today is the day you’re dead in your living room.
Matt: There are horrible things happening in this city. […] I’m done apologizing to you for who I am.


Matt: This city needs me.
Claire: This isn’t your city anymore!


Matt: My way isn’t working. What if it never has?

Elektra: The war has begun, Matthew. There is nothing we can do but fight.

Stick: They’re called… The Hand.

Unknown: You cannot stop what we have started. The rising is coming.

Elektra: Have you been working out by the way? […] I appreciate that.

The Daredevil season 2 trailer goes under the microscope!

If you’ve been waiting for me and Claire from The Defenders Podcast to spend an hour and forty minutes talking about the Daredevil trailer, today is your lucky day! Listen to it here, download it or go to The Defenders Podcast’s page where it’s been cross-posted. Further down on this page, you’ll see a gallery of individual shots from the trailer, and further down is a complete written record of the spoken dialogue. We hope you enjoy it!

Gallery of stills from the trailer (click any thumbnail to start browsing)

The full script from the trailer

Frank: One batch. Two batch. Penny and dime.


Matt: Father, why do I still feel guilty?
Father Lantom: The guilt means your work is not yet finished.
Brett: Downtown office thinks we’ve got a new player in Hell’s Kitchen.
Matt: What do they want?
Blake Tower?: The D.A. says the shooter is an independent. He’s tracking gangs to their home turf, and taking them out with military precision.
Brett : …with the knowledge and hardware to take out half the city, Hell’s Kitchen is about to explode.


Frank: Bang.

Karen: Maybe we created him. All of us.
Matt: There is no connection.
Karen: You never stopped to think that Daredevil’s actions could open the door for men like this?

Matt: How much longer before innocent people start getting caught in his crossfire? Blood is being shed!
Foggy: And you donated more than your fair share!


Claire: This city needs him.


Frank: I need to take care of the scum that killed my family.
Daredevil: People don’t have to die!
Frank: You hit them and they get back up, I hit them and they stay down!
Daredevil: Why are you doing this?
Frank: ‘Cause I think you’re a half-measure. I think you’re a man who can’t finish the job. I think that you’re a coward.

Frank: You know you’re one bad day away from being me.


Elektra: Hello, Matthew.


TOMP Podcast: Daredevil Trailer Special

You asked for it! Okay, a couple of you did, but I was more than willing to comply and tackle my more in-depth analysis of the trailer in a podcast episode. This time, I’m joined by the lovely Claire Laffar whom I had the pleasure of meeting in person in London a few months ago. Claire is a massive Daredevil fan, and is also co-hosting The Defenders podcast (find them on iTunes, Facebook, Twitter, and here).

Claire and I had a great chat and hope you guys enjoy our one hour and fifty minutes of talking about the trailer in general, our hopes for the show, and our reactions to individual scenes. For reference, you’ll find numbered screen shots from basically every single individual shot of the trailer below. We refer to some of these in the podcast, but I also wanted to include them for the sake of anyone who wants to comment on the trailer and refer to a particular scene. Click on any image to browse the entire gallery.

During the podcast, Claire mentions a podcast interview with Charlie Cox conducted by EJ Scott (who, among many other things, is Deborah Ann Woll’s boyfriend), so I’m posting the link to that as well.

Enjoy, and please add your own comments below!

Other listening options:

Screen shots from the trailer, images 1-20

Screen shots from the trailer, images 21-40

Screen shots from the trailer, images 41-60

Screen shots from the trailer, images 61-80

Screen shots from the trailer, images 81-106

The Other Murdock Papers Podcast – Netflix Daredevil Special

Finally! I actually had to record this twice since Audacity had the audacity to somehow destroy the first set of files, but here we are. It’s a podcast about nothing but the Marvel/Netflix Daredevil show coming our way in 2015!

I make a number of references to old posts, news, and various YouTube clips during this podcast, and you’ll find all of them below the embedded audio player (the file can also be downloaded directly and the episode will show up on iTunes within a few hours). They will make sense within the context of the show, I promise. Show? Can I call it a “show”? Seems a little silly, but oh well. 😉

Direct download here and iTunes page here.

Links to other TOMP posts mentioned

Links to recent Daredevil set photos

Various YouTube clips

  • Steven S. DeKnight Talks Daredevil at Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Red Carpet

  • Charlie Cox, scene from Boardwalk Empire
  • Deborah Ann Woll, scene from True Blood (embedding not available)
  • Deborah Ann Woll and her boyfriend E.J. Scott in a PSA for Choroideremia research

The Other Murdock Papers Podcast #7

You didn’t think it was going to happen, did you? I didn’t either! However, I did manage to record another episode of the podcast in which I discuss, in order:

  • My views on the art versus writing debate (as discussed by Antony Johnston and others)
  • Why Daredevil should be a lean muscle machine rather than big and bulky. I make a mention of man boobs. You have been warned.
  • Matt Murdock’s past legal partnerships and why you don’t want to name your kid Kerwin.
  • Why I’m totally looking forward to Matt mingling with aliens!

The podcast should be up on iTunes within a few hours (see the link in the sidebar). In the meantime, you can download the file here, or listen using the player below.

The Other Murdock Papers Podcast #6

Hello all! Wow, I’ve really dragged my feet on getting this last podcast up, haven’t I? My profound apologies to my guest for this episode, Daredevil fan extraordinaire Alice “Darediva” Lynch for the delay (eight weeks!) and a big thank you for agreeing to come on the podcast and talk to me!

This time around, we discuss things pertaining to Daredevil fandom, past and current Daredevil creators and braille (Alice is kind of an expert). Oh, and crafts! Below, you’ll find links to some of the things Alice has going on and that are mentioned in the podcast.

Oh, and for the first time I’ve actually slapped the “explicit” label on this podcast because of one instance of “Someone’s jerking off to this shit.” Uttered by me. Oops. That’s it though, the rest of it is very innocent.

The Other Murdock Papers Podcast #5

Foggy does his angry face, from Daredevil #18 by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee

Okay! Here’s my fifth podcast, which clocks in at about 38 minutes. The “colorist scandal” I mention briefly in this episode refers to an incident that well-known color artist Jordie Bellaire talks about on her Tumblr. Also, I should mention to my more sensitive listeners that I do a very unfortunate – though very brief – Gollum impersonation (yes, the LOTR character) that might disturb sensitive listerners. It sure disturbed the hell out of me. Pardon my French.

Things discussed in this post are Foggy (at length), Kirsten, Milla, and some of my thoughts on developing a greater appreciation for comic book art over the years. There’s also brief mention of Matt’s hair. Because… Well, do we really need a reason to talk about Matt’s hair?

Direct download

You can also subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, though it may take a few hours for new episodes to appear.

Interview with Chris Samnee! – The Other Murdock Papers Podcast #4

This time around, we have a very special guest on the podcast! Yes, I got none other than Daredevil artist Chris Samnee to talk to me for an hour about his work on Daredevil. We discuss how he became a fan of the character, what it’s like working with Mark Waid, the mechanics of feeding a pile of detached heads and much more. 😉 Thank you so much, Chris, for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to talk to me!

I hope you guys enjoy the show!

The Other Murdock Papers Podcast #3

Image from the Daredevil (2003) movie

You know that podcast I was going to get to last weekend? I finally got to it. This time around, I talk about Daredevil being part of Marvel NOW! (more info on CBR), the Daredevil movie rights reverting to Marvel (see here and other places) and my thought on continuity as it relates to Daredevil: End of Days. Yep, 30 minutes of me talking Daredevil. Enjoy!