Daredevil links and discussions, March 2011

Hello all! This is something of a roundup post, where we look at everything that happened during the eventful month of March, and capping it off with some new links from all over the Internet.

The new Daredevil creative team

This was, by far, the biggest highlight of the month in terms of Daredevil news. It was announced at C2E2 in Chicago that Mark Waid would be the new writer as of Daredevil’s upcoming relaunch in July. Art duties will be shared between Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martín who will rotate. The exception seems to be the first issue which will have both draw one story each. Who knows if this means that we’ll have a main story and a back-up story, but if Marvel is adding extra pages to the first issue that certainly sounds like a good idea to me especially of they’re going to increase the price to $3.99 (which I assume they will). Anyway, this shouldn’t be new to anyone, particularly to regular readers of this site, but for the sake of convenience, here’s a list of all official interviews with Mark Waid following the announcement.

In addition to these links, I would also recommend the videos posted of Paolo Rivera at the Comic Archive. The first one is of him doing the cover to Daredevil #1. The others feature him talking about his process, giving a tour of his studio (part 1 and part 2) and tools of the trade.

The new Daredevil movie

David Slade being assigned the role of Daredevil director is another piece of news we’ve discussed before. Immediately following the announcement, people started speculating who might fill the role of Matt Murdock and two names were at the center of Internet gossip. No further mention has been made of Garret Hedlund, but the rumor that Twilight actor Robert Pattinson might don the red tights was quickly denied outright. Reason dictates that it’s unlikely that anyone would be tied to the movie at this point, before there’s even a finished script.

Meanwhile, we’re free to speculate. The movie site Obsessed with Film has two posts discussing potential actors suitable to fill the role of Matt Murdock and which villains might win a starring role.

Other links

In his blog on Psychology Today, Mark D White takes a stab a analyzing Daredevil’s (and Green Arrow’s) unique brand of self-loathing. White is a scholar active in the fields of philosophy, economics and political science and has written extensively on the philosophy of superheroes. That actually makes me want to check out some of his books. 😉

Entering Shadowland: The teasers

I suspect a first preview of next week’s Shadowland will be posted somewhere on the Internet within the next 48 hours, but in the mean time, we’re still in the dark. In fact, things have been eerily quiet on the shadowy front since the last of the teaser images were posted and the September solicits were released. I’ve had an unusually busy last couple of weeks, so from a news reporting perspective, that’s been fine by me. (Ironically, the minute I wrote this, Daredevil editor Stephen Wacker posted this page of preview art from Shadowland: Bullseye on Twitter).

However, a lack of news is no excuse to forgo looking back at what we do know, or at least what we think we know. In this post, I will post select quotes from interviews from the last few months, as well as other sources. Whenever something makes me stop and think, I’ll be sure to throw my two cents in, and invite you to do the same in the comments.

Shadowland Teaser, DevilShadowland Teaser, Bullseye

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Ouch! Matt gets some sensitivity training

So, how politically incorrect can you be within the space of a single panel? Daredevil #196 (volume 1), by Denny O’Neill, Larry Hama and Klaus Janson, sees Daredevil and Wolverine team up to track the men who are planning to take the now paralyzed Bullseye (see Daredevil #191) to Japan to fix his spine. As usual, Daredevil makes a pit stop at Josie’s where he runs into Turk. In a familiar twist, Turk decides to use a blinding spray on Daredevil, only to have it backfire. Unfazed, Daredevil goes on to offend both Asians and the disabled:

Now, shall we converse? I’d like to know how an Oriental might smuggle an invalid out of the country. Any ideas?

Invalids and Orientals
Invalids and Orientals

Now, don’t get me wrong, seeing words like “oriental” and “invalid” in a decades old comic book doesn’t do much more than cause me to raise an eyebrow – it even strikes me as a tad humorous in this particular context – but you have to wonder if they’d get away with using either one of these terms today. I’m going to guess no.

Either way, Matt apparently got some “sensitivity training” along the way, not that you would think he’d actually need it, being blind himself. In Daredevil #93, Brubaker even takes it one step further and indirectly debunks the word “handicapped” in a move that seemed about fifteen years overdue (yeah, really). I’m personally a big fan of the scene below for other reasons too, since it’s one of the rare instances of humor in the Brubaker run. Matt has always been good at self-deprecating jokes and I’ve missed the dry wit he so often exhibited during Bendis’s run. Let’s see if Diggle can bring some of it back.

Matt debunks "handicapable"
Matt debunks "handicapable"

News Roundup, September 14

I’ll keep this brief, but there’s definitely some news to report so let’s cut right to it, shall we?


  • It was announced today that Stephen Wacker and Tom Brennan are taking over as editors of Daredevil after Warren Simons. With that, they are bringing back the letters’ page starting in Daredevil #501. For contact information (if you want your letter published), see the brief note at ManWithoutFear.com.

  • Not much else going on in the news department, except some previews floating around for those who haven’t seen them. All previews are identical to the one published in Daredevil #500, and I have yet to see any additional, previously unseen, pages floating around. If you missed Daredevil #500, I suggest you go out and buy it. Or, just check out the preview here (at CBR).


Earlier in the week, writer and former Marvel editor Scott Edelman sent me a link to a very sensual panel of Karen Paige with art by Alan Weiss and words by Gerry Conway. It’s cute, so check it out!

That’s it peeps! I will be back tomorrow with a post that’s a little different, but just might present a learning opportunity. Sounds boring, I know, but I’ll do my best to make it fun. I’ll see you then!

Advance Daredevil #118 review and other recommended links

Comics Bulletin has a review up of Daredevil #118, due out in stores in North America tomorrow. May I just first offer an opinion of my own and vehemently disagree with the following excerpt from said review:

“It doesn’t even warrant mentioning the continuous mess that Matt Murdock seems to be in any given issue. For the past few years, I’ve read (and read, etc.) as everyone’s favorite blind lawyer dig himself out of a hole only to find he’s at the bottom of yet another hole. To be fair, that’s why we read characters like Murdock and Peter Parker. It makes me feel better knowing someone else has it worse.”

Not only do I not take pleasure in other people’s misery (whether they are real people or fictional characters), but it is far from true that all – or even most – Daredevil fans enjoy seeing the character constantly depressed and in a state of emotional turmoil. In fact, much of the criticism against the title lately has had to do with the exaggerated level of misery that has plagued the character for years. It was also the top reason people gave for not reading the title in the survey I did last year.

Anyway, the issue gets high praise, though the review makes me miss Dave Wallace’s stellar reviews. It also has me worried for certain members of the Daredevil cast. I’ve loved Brubaker’s work on so many fronts, so I’d hate to see him take one final dump on the character. He’s a much better writer than that. (I should add that getting a character into trouble or challenging situations does not automatically equal “dumping” on the character.)

In other, more positive, news I’d like you guys to take a look at the Punisher/Daredevil series of posts that fellow fan JP has posted on his blog The Red Shaker (where you can also find DD themed cocktail recipes). Also, check out what blogger Robert learned so far from reviewing the first fifty issues of Daredevil. Some good points all around!

Daredevil Noir and blind sex

Okay, you’ve got to admit that the title of this post had you intrigued. First of all, the part about the blind sex has nothing to do with Daredevil Noir. Unless Alex Irvine has included something about Matt having sex in his four-issue mini series. Anyway, that’s not something I would know anything about. All I know is that there’s a Daredevil Noir #1 preview here and an interview with writer Alex Irvine here, both from Comic Book Resources.

Okay, now that that’s covered, let’s move on to the real reason Dakota found Matt so irresistible. Apparently, she’s bought into the same myth that fueled this report (dated April 1): That blind people are insanely good in bed. We can only wonder if the experience lived up to her expectations. Thanks to my friend and fellow fan Alice for sending me this!

Blindness and Sexuality:
Researching Myths and Facts Summary Report:
Distributed by: National Data Distribution Center (NDDC)
April 1, 2009, Atlanta Georgia

The two hundredth anniversary of the birth of Louis Braille is being celebrated by the US mint with the production of a silver coin commemorating the man who created the modern reading system used by many blind people. Unfortunately, although blind people work and live normal lives, they are still different in many ways and their experiences are a matter of curiosity amongst the sighted population. For most of us, the question, “What is it like to be blind?,” has entered our minds more than once.

Research, some of it useful and much of it not, about how people who are blind perceive the world, abounds. One of the more interesting topics of study is sexuality among the blind. The story goes that blind people are incredible sexual partners–somehow being extremely sensitive to their partners and, being able to stimulate them far more than the average person.

Masters and Johnson were so intrigued by this subject that they collected data over several years from those who had had sex with blind people. Surprisingly, what they thought would be myths, turned out to be true. The results were stunning. On average, women rated their blind partners 9.1 on a scale of 10. The average rating was five for sighted partners.

“This research has been duplicated several times,” says Mary Roach, author of 2008 best seller Bonk: the Curious Coupling of Science and Sex. The data hasn’t attracted much attention because blindness is such a low incidence event. “We usually print things that have broad interest. And, even though this indicates that blind people are incredibly sexual, there aren’t really enough of them to go around.”

Comments from sighted partners were astounding. “He seemed like he knew my soul,” from a 23 year old female. “Her tongue knew just how to touch every part of me if you know what I mean,” from a college male. One woman commented, “The things he could do with his fingers were beyond description,” in this survey. “It’s not that he was built bigger than other men, it just seemed like he touched me inside with it all over,” she said with a shy smile.

When William Masters was asked, in a 1971 interview, why he didn’t draw more attention to these findings he said, “I didn’t know anything about blindness. We were publishing information of general interest about sexuality and this just didn’t fit that mold. Perhaps some day researchers will help us understand why blind people have such incredible sexual capacities and we’ll be able to use that information to increase the abilities of others. Until then, a very few lucky men and women will experience the phenomena of sex with a blind person.”

There is a downside to this research. When interviewed, blind people generally expressed frustration about sexuality. Broadly speaking, they divided sighted people into three groups. First is the group who simply want to have sex with them for the thrill and experience of it. “We feel used,” was the most common thing reported. Second, was the group who simply couldn’t see themselves with a blind husband or wife. “They want to be with us, but don’t see us as fathers and mothers, for example,” was often heard. The third group were those who “get it” as one blind man put it. “They can see beyond blindness and accept us for who we are. Blindness just fades into the background and becomes another characteristic. “

The sad truth is that although blind people work, raise families, travel independently and generally speaking, live normal lives, the public perception is the opposite. The image of the helpless beggar still lurks in our minds. Sighted people report that the fear of blindness overwelms their rationality. “I know that I shouldn’t let blindness interfere with how I think about my partner, but, I can’t help it,” said a young college student engaged to a blind physicist working at NASA. “Yes, he has money, and yes, he’s sexy, and oh, my god, can he please me, if you know what I mean. The hardest thing is getting over this image of him as a helpless blind man. We sail, bike ride and horse back ride. I can’t think of anything he can’t do except drive, but, I’ll admit, the image of a helpless blind man still haunts me. People look at him with such pity and I just want to scream, ‘You don’t get it you fools.'” But she admits that making the decision to marry is difficult.

Chad, a young blind college student says he finds the whole sex thing a bit distracting. “Sure I can please women more than my sighted friends can, and frankly, it’s because they just don’t pay attention to women and what their bodies and hearts are saying. Women will tell you everything you need to know if you just listen and feel.”

We give you all of this information with the caveat that perhaps only one in six thousand people is an eligible blind man or woman, so, happy searching.

Daredevil roundup

Updated: Okay, the top news item right now has got to be the Diggle interview on Marvel.com.

Hey there true believers! There’s been a lot of DD talk around the Internet recently, for obvious reasons, and I thought I’d link to some of the news here, along with other funny or newsworthy stuff I’ve found.

First, because it’s somewhat Daredevil-related, I just have to mention a hilarious post I found on Silver Age Comics (one of those super popular blogs that actually links here, thanks guys!) called Differently Abled. It talks about a story from Flash #133, published in 1963 by the “Distinguished Competition,” in which the Flash makes a visit to a camp for handicapped children. Now there’s some cringe-worthy inspiration for ya! I’m also wondering if the blind kid’s cane was the model for Matt Murdock’s since they both appear to have been made in the 1920’s. His senses are also suspiciously acute: “Harry Watkins is blind but his hearing has become amazingly sharp…” Wait, did Stan Lee read this issue, it being published the year before the debut of a certain super-sensed blind lawyer? Hmm…

A more serious post that has nothing at all to do with Daredevil was Death of the Legacy Character by The Weekly Crisis’s Eric Rupe. I’ve never been a big fan of legacy characters generally and I think that might be one of the reasons I still have no desire to get into DC comics (despite being raised on Superman). In my mind, books featuring legacy characters necessarily focus more on the hero persona, making the person behind the mask less relevant. What I like about superhero comics in general is the tension between the life behind the mask and the life without the mask, so I will always favor those books in which the main character’s civilian life gets a lot of attention as well. Either way, it was a well-written and very interesting post.

Then there’s of course all the talk about Daredevil turning 500 issues and Andy Diggle taking over the book. Here are some links to various comments around the blogosphere: Comicology, Panels of Awesome!, Comic by Comic, Newsarama and Comic Book Resources.

Okay, that’s it! Now I’m heading back to bed for a while since I’m home sick today. “Sick?” you ask, “but she’s sitting here blogging, she should be at work!” Well, I’m sick enough to need to bring a roll of toilet paper everywhere I go because my nose is so runny, so there you go. And speaking of blowing check out this post. It’s just so wrong…

See you later!

Daredevil #116 preview

Well, speak of the devil. Or, more specifically, the Kingpin. Comics Bulletin has posted an exclusive preview of Daredevil #116, and I must say that it looks pretty good. The art is great (go David Aja!), and I think that we might actually learn something new about the Kingpin, in spite of some people feeling that he’s been over-exposed.

Now you might be thinking, “wasn’t she supposed to be on her way to Seattle?” Well, yeah. I’m out of here in two hours. Did I pack yet? Well, not quite. I like to live on the edge.