Seeing things #12

So, this site turns five years old this week! Though I have to admit, I actually missed my own anniversary since I kept thinking that my very first post was dated December 7, 2007 when it was, in fact, from December 3. Either way, I was going to post a big-ass anniversary post for this weekend but have decided to wait until the end of next week when I’ll have a little more time. There are some technical things I need to straighten out first and this is/has been a very busy weekend for me so I haven’t had the time. By waiting a couple of more posts, I can also get it to coincide with post number 600. Sounds like a plan? Good!

In the meantime, here’s a return to one of my very favorite series: Seeing things! You know, in which we catch Daredevil in the act of seeing something he really shouldn’t be able to. The situation we’re looking at today is a modern example. In fact, it comes from this week’s X-Men #39, by Seth Peck, Paul Azaceta and Matthew Southworth, the final issue of Domino’s two-part team up with our very own Daredevil.

Now this case may not be obvious right away since we’re not actually catching Daredevil seeing something in this scene. It’s more a case of him making a very sighted reference to something that makes little sense when you start thinking about it some more. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Daredevil references Hoarders in X-Men #39, by Seth Peck, Paul Azaceta and Matthew Southworth

First of all, I love whatever Daredevil does with his hands. It looks kinda cute, like a drummer boy who got spooked and dropped his drum. The real problem though is – you guessed it – Daredevil making a reference to the television show Hoarders. As a general rule, there’s really no situation in which Matt should be saying “Oh, my current situation X looks like Y!” in which Y is something that can only be seen on TV. Emphasis on seen.

Yes, blind people watch TV. We already know Matt himself is a fan of Law & Order. But, the whole watching part is limited to only hearing the sound track. So, we can be pretty sure that Matt has never seen an episode of Hoarders. Sure, he knows it’s about hoarding, but it’s not the most natural reference for a blind guy to make.

Am I being a bit picky here? Maybe, but the things about Hoarders is that it’s really one of those shows you have to see to believe. I’ve watched Hoarders myself a few times, but I can’t imagine that Matt would get very much out of it or even fully understand just how unimaginably bad these hoarders get. This is not a major goof – some might argue it’s not a goof at all – but I would be surprised to see someone like Mark Waid have Matt make such a “sight-heavy” reference.

With that piece of nit-picking out of the way, I wish you all an excellent weekend! 😀

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    I sometimes wonder whether Matt trawls Wikipedia or the like so he’ll sound like he’s up on the visual elements of pop culture. Just so Daredevil doesn’t sound blind (since that’s not usually a fact he likes to broadcast). As someone who hasn’t lived in a house with a working television in years, I admit I’ll sometimes hit a popular show’s Wikipedia entry just so my friends’ conversations won’t drive me quite so nuts.

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