Things that have me excited for the Daredevil relaunch – Part 7

I’m back again for another installment of the “Countdown to Daredevil #1” series. We’re on the home stretch now, which means that the first issue of the new series is only a few short days away. For this post, I’m going to have you take a look at this piece of Paolo Rivera preview art that was featured on Marvel.com.

Matt Murdock with a cane that looks like it's supposed to

What do we have here? Could it be our very own Matt Murdock using a cane that – lo and behold – actually looks like a white cane? Okay, maybe I should go easy on the sarcasm, but you’ll have to excuse me for being grateful for small favors in this department, with the design of Matt’s cane having lagged behind its real world counterpart for most of the book’s history, often by several decades (though Michael Lark and Alex Maleev did well).

This shows that Rivera has done his homework, and he even went so far as to rethink the entire design of the cane/billy club so that the two can now be one and the same without straining credulity. I’ll also give him bonus points for those little taps being in the right place, not having Matt’s hand go through the loop (which is a common mistake), as well as the generous length of the cane itself.

So, I suspect some of you are thinking that this isn’t a big deal and certainly not something to get excited about, but what it does is speak to an attention to detail, especially in an area where that level of attention is rare. For me, it’s all about creating a sense of realism. While Matt Murdock doesn’t actually need a white cane (though there is, of course, other blindness-related paraphernalia he’d find useful or – in the case of screen reader technology – necessary), he would obviously use one that looks the same as that of any other blind man of his age, height, fitness level and degree of vision loss. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be much point in using it at all to keep his secret identity intact.

If I may make one small wish, it’s that Marcos Martín gets inspired by his colleague. Martín’s art is wonderfully dynamic and full of innovation, but that stubby 1920’s old man’s cane needs to go. 😉

UPDATED: Paolo Rivera just got back to me on Twitter with this message: “Also, Martin draws the 3-piece cane in issue 4. The script specifically called for the hook cane in the issue 1 backup.” So, there you go! Great news!

Christine Hanefalk

Christine Hanefalk

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Christine is a die-hard Daredevil fan who launched The Other Murdock Papers in 2007 to share her passion for Matt Murdock and his friends with other fans.


  1. Yep, I’m totally with you on this one. You’d think editor Stephen Wacker would want the artists on DD to portray things like this consistently.

  2. @Andrew: Check out the update I just made to the post! Win! 😀

  3. Wow. That’s pretty cool. So there is a plot related reason for the hook cane and we’ll see some consistency between the two artists as the series gets going.. Well OK then. I take back everything I’ve said. lol

  4. Ha ha! Same here! Now I feel kind of bad for being such a whiny little b***h.

  5. I really like this art. I think this run is going to be something special.

  6. Agreed! (Oh, and that panel actually puts me in the mood for coffee!)

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