Solicit for July’s Daredevil #1 now up!

We’ve reached an important Daredevil relaunch milestone! A few hours ago, Marvel released their July solicits which, of course, include Daredevil #1. I suspected they would have kept the details hidden a little longer, such as until Daredevil Reborn wraps up next week, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. If you don’t want any spoilers, I suggest you stop reading here. For everyone else, here’s an excerpt (read the full text and see all variant covers on CBR):

“With new enemies, new friends…and that same old “grinnin’ in the face of hell” attitude, The Man Without Fear is back in a double-sized first issue and leading with his face! Mark Waid […] joins neo-legendary artists Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin for a new spin on Daredevil that will leave you gasping for air. Having turned his world upside over the past several years, Matt Murdock realizes that justice may not be blind to his past and villains may not be the only ones looking for answers. Bring it on. If Matt Murdock could see what he was doing…he’d be terrified.”

Looking forward to finding out who the new friends might be and very much looking forward to it being double-sized!

Christine Hanefalk

Christine Hanefalk

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Christine is a die-hard Daredevil fan who launched The Other Murdock Papers in 2007 to share her passion for Matt Murdock and his friends with other fans.


  1. Sweeeeeeeeeeet.

  2. What the hell does “neo-legendary” mean? They could at least make up words whose intended meanings were apparent. It seems like common courtesy.

  3. @Aaron: I was thinking the same thing Aaron. Maybe they thought just saying legendary would make the artists sound too old where as they feel “neo” signals a new era? I have no idea.

    @M: Indeed. 😉

  4. Everything about this looks great.
    One thing though, since when is 40 pages a “double-sized” issue?

  5. I’m not usually one to buy into the “variant covers” selling tactic, but I may have to get more than one cover this time as they all look pretty cool.

  6. I’m a firm believer in the notion that a good solid tagline can help promote & sell any comic. That last line about Matt gives me goosebumps, it’s that good.

    Can. Not. Wait.

    Also agree with Gary. Each of these covers look great, but the sound effects that cover each object in that first cover (a very unique interpretation of his radar sense), that looks terrific. May have to splurge to get all of them.

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