I know, the title is not quite as cerebral as you might expect from me. Not that I think you expect a constant flow of profundities or anything, but I guess it’s a little brusque (though well deserved in this case). Anyway, the sequence below is from the Enemy of the State arc of Wolverine, by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr, more specifically from Wolverine #24 (vol 3).

In his defense, Logan is still somewhat affected by his previous brainwashing at the hands of Hydra and the Hand, which brings me to the reason for posting these panels to begin with: This month, we’re going to take a closer look at the history of the Hand in the Marvel Universe. We’re also going to look at Matt’s previous trip to Japan, to make sure everyone’s prepared for his return to the land of the rising sun in this months’ issue.

Matt fights a brainswashed Wolverine
Matt fights a brainswashed Wolverine

I’m looking forward to diving into both of these topics this weekend, but in the mean time, I’d like to give you all a little advance notice that I’m also going to start contributing regularly to the Weekly Crisis, a comic book blog that packs a punch that’s about an order of magnitude bigger than this puppy and which I assume is familiar to all of you. However, don’t worry about my slacking off around this part of the woods, and I’ll reserve the vast majority of all Daredevil related stuff for The Other Murdock Papers.

I’ll see you Saturday!

Christine Hanefalk

Christine Hanefalk

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Christine is a die-hard Daredevil fan who launched The Other Murdock Papers in 2007 to share her passion for Matt Murdock and his friends with other fans.


  1. Wolverine has always been a jerk, and not just for the regular hostility he shows towards other heroes and allies. The stuff that bothers me most is his penchant for stealing (or at least attempting to) other men’s wives. First there was Jean Grey (while she was with Scott Summers) in the pages of X-Men, and then Mary Jane Watson (while she was with Peter Parker) in the pages of New Avengers.

    Maybe he just can’t resist red heads. It still makes him uber-creepy though. He has always been my least favourite of Marvel’s big name characters. I just can’t actually root for him, even if he is supposedly one of the good guys.

  2. He’s also misinformed. They’ve REPEATEDLY asked him to join their big teams. How many invitations to the Avengers or S.H.I.E.L.D. has Matt Murdock turned down? Silly Canuck…

    I would like to know who’s making fun of Matt behind his back. I don’t see Captain America and Thor standing around laughing at a blind superhero or Charles Xavier and Kitty Pryde doing so either.

  3. Well, I’m more inclined to think Mark Millar is a jerk. Or at least a writer who doesn’t “get” Daredevil. In the same story-arc, he described Matt as a playboy…
    There were other encounters between DD-Wolvie that went differently (v1 # 196 by Miller/Janson)… though it’s true most of the times they ended up fighting (v1 #248-249 by Nocenti/Leonardi, Punisher Marvel Knights #34 by Garth Ennis).

  4. I agree with you, JP. The scene (a few pages before this one) where Wolverine goes on and on about Matt being a player had me groaning and sighing. Was it Kevin Smith that introduced this notion or where did it come from? I think Matt is supposed to be around 32-33 years old and he’s slept with something like eight women. That’s statistically pretty average. Writers need to stop making up random stuff about characters they’re working on and other writers need to stop taking these people’s word for it. Argh!

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