Keep the kids away from Matt Murdock!

Remember Matt Murdock? The nice guy? Well, wouldn’t you know, he’s got some skeletons in his closet. Something along the lines of murder of a poor defenseless child…

From Daredevil #209, by Arthur Byron Cover and David Mazzucchelli
From Daredevil #209, by Arthur Byron Cover and David Mazzucchelli

Well, in his defense, this “child” is actually an exploding robot. The robot, and her many duplicates, have been set to detonate when they are within range of the house of horrors that Daredevil encountered in the previous issue, when going up against the Death-Stalker’s mother. Yeah, it’s a crazy story, but a pretty funny issue.

The issue in question is Daredevil #209, by Arthur Byron Cover, based on an idea by Harlan Ellison, with art by David Mazzucchelli.

Christine Hanefalk

Christine Hanefalk

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Christine is a die-hard Daredevil fan who launched The Other Murdock Papers in 2007 to share her passion for Matt Murdock and his friends with other fans.


  1. ” Ma’am, how could I be evil? I’m blind!”

    You know, I wonder what the lady thought she saw. It’s kind of hard to confuse pushing a child down an elevator with other things.

  2. This issue has a particularly great and very peculiar cover, in my opinion.

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