This was going to be my news roundup for this (last) week, and I’ve been holding off on it to see if we were going to find out the indentity of the new Daredevil artist. Since full September solicits were due to be published at Marvel.com at 12.00 pm EST today, I’ve been waiting to see if we were going to get any big news. And the full solicits reveal… (drumroll, please)


What the hell Marvel?! To my poor readers, I didn’t mean to trick you. I started this post assuming we would get solicits for a Daredevil #501 in September, but this every other month thing seems to be the name of the game right now. Damn it! Appriopriate outrage in the comments, please. *sigh*

Oh well, while I at least have your attention I wanted to steer you in the direction of fellow Daredevil fan Gloria’s very amusing post about the other Daredevils before Matt Murdock – the one you knew about an the small chubby one you didn’t. Good work on this one, Gloria!

Christine Hanefalk

Christine Hanefalk

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Christine is a die-hard Daredevil fan who launched The Other Murdock Papers in 2007 to share her passion for Matt Murdock and his friends with other fans.


  1. Marvel is all sorts of #fail this month. I'm thoroughly depressed.

  2. At least there's the Bendis Omnibus Vol 2 to look forward to. Maybe you could let us know who you were hoping would be the new artist? I wouldnt mind seeing one of the Noir books artists come over (maybe Corker from the DD Noir title?) or maybe Diggle's Tbolts artist (dela torre I think?).

  3. Damn. That sucketh.

  4. This is going to drive me nuts. Coker's art was very nice, but muddy sometimes. Is Maleev too much of a pipe dream?

    Woo, 2nd Bendis Omnibus! I guess I can finally sell off my DD run.

  5. I wouldn't mind Coker, though he's very similar in style to Maleev and Lark in my opinion and maybe it's time for something different? From the little of what I've read on Thunderbolts, I kinda think that maybe Diggle's work lends itself to something other than the pulpy, noirish layout that's been the status quo since Bendis took over on the book. But Coker's not a bad call.

  6. I think a slight change of tone would be fine. How about Greg Land? LOL Just kidding. 😛

    Regardless of Diggle's style (which I will have more to comment on tomorrow when I'm reviewing The Losers), I don't want DD anywhere near overly cartoonish cheesecake. Having said that, there are lots of different styles that don't fall into that category.

    Of the artists who've worked on DD over the last two years, I've really enjoyed both Clay Mann and David Aja (who doesn't like Aja). I also wouldn't mind seeing more from Chris Samnee who did the Black Tarantula one-shot (not the annual). Then again, neither one of them would be a huge departure from the current style.

    Does anyone have a decent list of any of the major or minor artists out there who aren't currently tied to an ongoing? Either way, I think we're going to find out very soon. *fingers crossed*

  7. Aja would be terrific, actually. But would we get a monthly Daredevil with Aja?

    Actually, I think Land gets a bad press. He's notorious for his women, but his men are pretty good (check out his current run on Uncanny – he does a very lovely Northstar 😉 ). I'd say he'd do a pretty decent Matt.

  8. "Appriopriate outrage in the comments, please. *sigh*"


  9. Blargh. The absolute only way to get me to drop Daredevil is to put Greg Land on as artist.

    I still think it's Jock.

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