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This marks post #200 for me and I was just going to talk about how much fun it is to write this blog, and how much I like getting comments on things. However…

… we interrupt this self-congratulatory rant for the biggest DD-related rumor to hit the Internet in a long time. For the last twenty-four hours or so, there has been a rumor going around that Andy Diggle, current Thunderbolts writer (among other things, such as Dark Reign: Hawkeye which incidentally makes my recent cartoon update – see below – even more relevant) is taking over Daredevil from Ed Brubaker. The best background on where this rumor comes from can be found at iFanboy. They are also reporting that they have contacted Marvel who have declined to comment. Personally, I’d like to thank scottyquick for giving me the heads up on this piece of information in his comment to my last post.

This is only a rumor at this point, and even if true, there is nothing to indicate that this change will happen immediately. However, it wouldn’t surprise me if there’s quite a bit of truth to it. Since no writer can stay on a book indefinitely, I suppose it was only a matter of time before Brubaker had to go, and with as busy as he’s getting, I guess it’s natural. I’m not happy to see him leave, but I always keep an open mind as far as changes go, and I know I’ll stick with this book until the day it’s no longer published. I’m just going to assume that Diggle will be doing a good job, sticking with what I felt have been Bru’s stronger points, while shedding some of his weaknesses.

Okay, back to patting myself on the back: You guys might wonder why I feel the need to congratulate myself whenever I reach a blogging milestone, but the reason is that I just keep surprising myself. I’ve never spent this much time and effort on an Internet-related venture before in my life, and I still have a lot of fun with it. However, this blog is really hard work and I do look at it as a job sometimes. There are times when I update because I feel like I have to in order to keep the visitor stats where they should be and make sure that people stop by on a regular basis. That’s why I really appreciate all the comments I get from you guys. Knowing that people are still reading and enjoying the content is my greatest reward (well, I don’t earn any money here so, let’s face it, it’s my only reward). So, if you want to give me a 200 post present, leave a comment here or in the guestbook. I would love to hear from you, whether you comment regularly, as many of you do, or whether you’ve been lurking around anonymously. If you like this blog and want to tell people about it, I’d also love it if you’d take the time to rate me on Blogged. No pressure people, just a suggestion. ๐Ÿ™‚

To celebrate, I’m going to do a lot of minor updates to the blog in the next week. I’m going to go through all of my posts and make sure that the artists are labeled appropriately, which is something that’s been missing since the beginning. I’m also going to update the About this blog and About me sections and make (minor) tweaks to the design. I’m also finally going to get to a closer look at Matt Murdock as a character. This is a post that has been stewing in my brain for the last week, and came out of a brief dialogue I had with Dave Wallace on the MWOF message board. I also think it could be particularly relevant now that we might be getting a new writer.

Meanwhile, feast your eyes on the latest installment of “Hell’s Kitchen,” a giant-sized version with no fewer than three guest stars. Click the thumbnail version below to get to the version you can actually read.

Over and out!