Since today is the 4th of July, I thought I’d celebrate by posting the only panels I could think of that had anything to do with the American Day of Independence. The below is from Ann Nocenti’s run (#236, American Dreamer).

On a side note, I strongly doubt Matt is a big fan of fireworks. Not only can he not see them, even I think they’re loud enough to make me want to put in a pair of ear plugs. Oh well, at least Natasha got an eyeful.

Daredevil and the Black Widow watch fireworks in Daredevil #236

Happy 4th of July to all of you yankees out there (where I’m from, all Americans are called yankees, just so you know). Take care!

Christine Hanefalk

Christine Hanefalk

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Christine is a die-hard Daredevil fan who launched The Other Murdock Papers in 2007 to share her passion for Matt Murdock and his friends with other fans.

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  1. And don’t forget the smell of cordite…over watermelon and Bud Light.

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