The life of a superhero – wardrobe concerns

Updated August 10, 2015: As mentioned earlier, I’m on a hiatus of sorts while working on my other Daredevil project. I’m looking to return to blogging at the beginning of September, but in the mean time, I will be featuring old posts from the archives that hopefully still hold up. I’m starting with a lighter one, from March of 2008!

First a note to those who are wondering why I’m only covering the early stuff: Don’t worry, volume 2 and subjects more relevant to the entire run of the book will all be covered, I guarantee it. It’s just that looking at some early things sparks new ideas for other topics also related to the earlier issues.

One such issue was the attention given to what it is Matt Murdock does with his suit when he’s busy being Daredevil. Back in those days, the cane was easy. It simply transformed into his billy club. While it has never been stated anywhere, I’m convinced that’s not the case anymore, but I’ll get to that in another post. The suit, however, was a bit of a problem. Just look (under the cut) at this delightful panel from Daredevil #3 of Daredevil bouncing his suit, rolled into a ball, across the roof tops.

Matt bouncing his clothes, from Daredevil #3

Another interesting thing about the early issues – unrelated to the suit problem – is that we learn that the early Matt was very adamant about defending the bad guys as well as the good guys, with Foggy being the more selective one when deciding what cases to take, as we learn from Matt’s monologue:

I’ve been anxious to learn more about this mysterious Owl… and this is the chance of a lifetime! I’ve tried to explain to Foggy that every man is entitled to a lawyer! If we attorneys refuse to help accused people because we think they’re guilty, then we’re judging them without trial! Besides, the Owl intrigues me! I want to learn more about him! Ah, I hear the court house bell chiming! It’s time for me to change back to Matt Murdock, and call upon my new client!

The suit problem finds a temporary solution in the following issue:

Matt thinking about where to store his clothes, from Daredevil #3
Matt making a hood, from Daredevil #3, by Stan Lee and Joe Orlando

So, about that hood… I guess we haven’t seen that one in a while. At least it’s nice to see that even superheroes aren’t above having some really mundane problems.

Christine Hanefalk

Christine Hanefalk

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Christine is a die-hard Daredevil fan who launched The Other Murdock Papers in 2007 to share her passion for Matt Murdock and his friends with other fans.


  1. Stan the Man must have loved his Fortran! Polyester, that is…capable of being rolled into basketball-sized wads and bounced all over the rooftops of Hell’s Kitchen without a single wrinkle!

    What was even funnier than the appearance of the “hood”, was the sudden disappearance, without further explanation. Sort of like why the duds aren’t yellow any more?

  2. Actually, there was an explanation in the very next issue on pages 8 and 9. Under the influence of the Purple Man, DD was attacked by a crowd. Someone tore his hood and DD realized that if they found his clothes, they’d have a clue to his real identity.

  3. In fact, it is quite a mean time when we don’t get any new posts from you 🙂

  4. Yes, we’ve been in a drought. If I hadn’t been dealing with a family crisis and a business trip recently I might have been tempted to spam some posts just to stir up a bit of activity. bwa-ha-HA!

    The thing is, a full business suit occupies quite a bit of volume, even when compressed. The “shoulder hood” or pouch would leave our hero looking hunchbacked if it weren’t for comic book physics.

    If he’s going to/from his office that’s no problem – it’s very common for suit-wearing professionals to keep a spare outfit at their workplace. Not sure why he felt compelled to DD all over town for what would be ordinary commutes, other than it’s a comic book and the artists wanted to draw colorful as opposed to business suits.

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