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10 more favorite things about Marvel’s Daredevil

This is a follow-up from yesterday's post. Once again, the post contains full spoilers for all thirteen episodes. And, just like in my last post, the items below are listed in no particular order. Father Lantom This may be a surprise coming from me, but I really loved the relationship between Matt and his priest in this show. I've always felt that Matt's Catholicism has been exaggerated when the character has been discussed outside of the comics. Going just by the publication record, you can … [Read More]


10 favorite things about Marvel’s Daredevil

Now that I've watched all the episodes again, and found a whole new level love for this show, it's time to pick it apart and look at all the individual components that made it great. Of course, these are just my own opinions, and the list is far from exhaustive, but I hope we'll get a good debate going. Some of these are characters, some are … [Read More]


Marvel’s Daredevil: First thoughts

Hello all! This is going to be my first post on Marvel's Daredevil, now streaming on Netflix, but certainly not my last. I'm going to keep this first post as spoiler-free as possible. My next one, listing likes and dislikes about various plot points, characterizations and creative decisions will presume that you have seen all thirteen episodes. … [Read More]


Countdown to Marvel’s Daredevil: The home stretch

We are so close now. I'm getting ready to go to bed, and when I wake up, Daredevil will start airing at 9.01am in my time zone (Central European Time). Yes, I realize that I live in the best time zone possible for taking the day off work and binge-watching Daredevil. The snacks have been purchased, and I know there's enough coffee in the house to … [Read More]


Countdown to Marvel’s Daredevil: Blindness and heightened senses

Well, if you've been coming around these parts for a while, you're probably not surprised to see me put up a "Daredevil science" post, looking specifically at what we can expect from the Netflix series. If you're new to this site, as many of you are these days (welcome!), look under the "science" label in the menu if any of this whets your appetite … [Read More]

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Countdown to Marvel’s Daredevil: The unbridled excitement post

This is a site where I express opinions on all things Daredevil. ("I" in this case obviously being a massive fan of the character, or it would have been insane for me to pour three-four novels' worth of words into this undertaking over the course of seven years.) Still, even while "opining," I always at least try to approach things from the … [Read More]


Countdown to Marvel’s Daredevil: Foggy and Karen

If you guys are anything like me, you're probably as excited to see the supporting cast of Daredevil get their chance to shine as you are to get to see Matt Murdock in action. I have written extensively about both of these characters before – links below – but for this post, I'd like to just sum up my hopes and expectations for how they will be … [Read More]


Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix: News recap

I'll keep this post pretty brief and just do my best to recap all the news of the day, before launching into full analytical mode in the days to come. Today, Netflix released two more TV spots, and a truck load of reviews based on the first five episode of the show made available to select critics started hitting the Internet. I have glanced at a … [Read More]