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Review: “The Path of the Righteous” – Episode 11 of Marvel’s Daredevil

Okay! Time for another episode review. We're really nearing the home stretch now, so let's get to it. Recap This episode has an unusual opening with the focus initially being on an old cartoon playing on a television screen. We zoom out, and find a child watching it in a hospital waiting room. Next, Fisk and his entire entourage rush in, with Fisk carrying an unconscious Vanessa. It's all very beautiful and dramatic. While the people on staff tend to Vanessa, Owlsley seems more worried about … [Read More]


Review: “Stick” – Episode #7 of Marvel’s Daredevil

Recap Somewhere in Japan, presumably, a man is running from someone who's chasing him. He grabs a gun and fires it into an elevator at his unseen opponent, only to find it empty when it opens. A man, whom we later learn is Stick, appears out of nowhere and threatens the man's life with a sword – after first chopping off his hand – and asks for … [Read More]

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Review: “Condemned” – Episode #6 of Marvel’s Daredevil

Sorry for the delay guys! Let's get back on track with the Netflix episode reviews. I'm still not sure when I'll get to my Daredevil #15 review, but I may possibly wait until Daredevil #16 comes out and write a combined review. This month, we have the stand-alone Daredevil #15.1 to look forward to however, so I will definitely cover that when it … [Read More]


Review: “World on Fire” – Episode #5 of Marvel’s Daredevil

Sorry for the delay, folks! I'm back now with this review for episode five, and will make sure to write my review for Daredevil #15 before the end of the weekend, along with another post if I have the time. I'll pick back up with the individual episode Netflix reviews next week. Recap The episode begins on a somber note as Claire has a moment … [Read More]


Review: “In the Blood” – Episode #4 of Marvel’s Daredevil

At the leisurely pace I'm going, Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix is going to keep me busy here for quite a while. The next review will be up shortly, but it will probably take me until the middle of May to finish my individual episode reviews. Though honestly, I can't see how that's a bad thing because I'm having a lot of fun writing about it; I … [Read More]