Countdown to Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix: Origins

Unlike a lot of other comic book characters, Daredevil's past is relatively uncluttered in terms of continuity. The inconsistencies between different takes on the character that do exist, mostly have to do with Matt Murdock's early life; specifically the circumstances of his fateful accident, and the timing of the death of his father Jack Murdock. The origin has also been added to in various ways through mini-series such as Daredevil: Father and Daredevil: Battlin' Jack Murdock. I have written … [Read More]



Review of Daredevil #14

Some reviews are easier to write than others. Daredevil #13 was one of my favorite issues in a long while, so my last review pretty much wrote itself. In fact, ever since Waid/Rivera/Martín took over the book in the summer of 2011, Daredevil has consistently ranged from "good" to "outstanding." When Chris Samnee came along as penciler less than a … [Read More]


Review of Daredevil #13

Daredevil #13 was easily one of the most enjoyable issues of Daredevil I've read in a long time. Considering the overall quality of the title in Mark Waid and Chris Samnee's capable hands, that's saying something. The story itself packs a punch and offers many great character moments. On top of that, the level of craftmanship evident in the … [Read More]

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Recommended stand-alone issues of Daredevil

For my first proper countdown post – as we await the release of all thirteen episodes of Daredevil on April 10 – I wanted to take a look at some of my favorite stand-alone issues of Daredevil. Not all of these are perfectly self-contained, of course, but they stand well enough on their own that you don't need to know much going in, and you get a … [Read More]


Countdown to Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix!

Hey gang! It's time to launch The Other Murdock Papers' official countdown to the Daredevil show on Netflix, now less than two weeks away. For a literal countdown, I've even added a timer in the sidebar that counts down to the exact minute the show starts streaming. You're welcome! ;) I'll keep this first countdown post brief, but will add a new … [Read More]



Quick look at Superior Iron Man #3

Hey again! I'm not doing a full review here, but since Superior Iron Man #3, in which Matt once again makes a very substantial appearance, also came out last week, I wanted to mention it here. Overall, I was very impressed by this issue, by writer Tom Taylor and artist Yıldıray Çınar. Handling a story in which Matt regains his sight (as you know, … [Read More]

Daredevil in Daredevil #266 by Ann Nocenti and John Romita Jr

A Nocenti Christmas x3

Well, tomorrow is Christmas Eve, which in Sweden is the "main event," so to speak. This means that I might have time to read Daredevil #11 tomorrow, but I can guarantee I won't have time to review it until Thursday. Before then, I wanted to make sure I get a Christmas post done. In the past, I've talked about Matt Murdock’s Christmas party from … [Read More]

Three panels of Daredevil's fist planted firmly against the ground, as seen in Daredevil #10 by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee

Daredevil #10 revisited

As I mentioned in my review of last issue, there was so much to love about Daredevil #10 that I might feel compelled to return to it in a separate post. Well, that time is now! Before we dive in, however, I just wanted to let you know that Comic Book Resources has a Daredevil interview with Mark Waid, from earlier in the week, which also features … [Read More]

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