This time, it’s a cop!

As previously demonstrated, early Daredevil made a habit of assaulting innocent people. One reader even joked that this behavior is clearly still an issue after he gave a similar treatment to the little girl he had just rescued in Daredevil #1. In his defense, there are situations where the ends not only justify the means but are even in the best interest of the "victim" in question. On the other hand, the scenes where he stole a man's coat and left his law partner unconscious in an alley in a … [Read More]



Review of Daredevil #1.50

Hey all! Okay... Where to start? Hm, how about at the end? Karl Kesel's look back at the Mike Murdock era, in a story called The Last Will And Testament of Mike Murdock, makes up the back end of this double-sized special anniversary issue. It is also, by far, my favorite among the three. (Spoilers warning for the other two stories discussed below.) … [Read More]


Review of Daredevil #1

And so the day finally came, the all new Daredevil #1 is here! And all I can say is that Mark Waid, Chris Samnee, Javíer Rodríguez, Joe Caramagna, and Ellie Pyle completely hit it out of the park. This first chapter of Matt's adventures in San Francisco was so outstanding that after I'd read it, I simply tweeted an image of the Cookie Monster … [Read More]

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Wacky Power #24 – Another case of flight radar

Welcome back to another installment in the Wacky Powers series in which we look at Daredevil doing truly strange things. Once again, we'll be looking at a case of Daredevil using his radar sense as bona fide flight radar. Thankfully, we haven't seen much of this strange power for the last forty years, but it kept rearing its strange and ugly head … [Read More]


Ivan the Terrible

Hey gang! I haven't been as lazy as it seems, I swear. I've been working on a massive essay-type post that isn't quite ready to post yet, so here's a little something to entertain you (hopefully) in the mean time. I went to see the new Captain America movie yesterday (I really liked it!), so at first I thought I'd post something Natasha-related. … [Read More]


Matt on the roof top, not succumbing to depression, as seen in Daredevil #34 by Mark Waid and Javier Rodríguez.

Daredevil’s inner demons

Hey gang! I've had some trouble posting over the last couple of days. Sunday evening, my dear friend Mr. MacBook decided that he'd had it with me, and shut down for good. I took the little bugger into the Apple store yesterday, but considering its relatively advanced age of six (or was it seven?) years and the fact that any kind of "exploratory … [Read More]


Interview with Daredevil: Road Warrior artist Peter Krause

Sorry to leave you guys with my odd-ball "taxation of the blind" post for a whole week! But, I hope you'll forgive me as I'm finally ready to present my interview with Daredevil: Road Warrior artist Peter Krause. I am so grateful that Peter was available to do this interview, and I had a great time chatting with him! Note: Due to a slight … [Read More]


Matt Murdock and the tax code

I will often joke about the fact that no aspect of Daredevil – the character, or the book and its cast – is too mundane to analyze in detail. So far, I've covered everything from Matt's hair (and Foggy's facial hair) to his love life (that post is probably due for an update), and what happens when he gets a cold. Sometimes, I like to get a little … [Read More]

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