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Review: “Nelson v. Murdock” – Episode #10 of Marvel’s Daredevil

This episode review took much longer to get through than I had planned, I'm sorry about that! I've been pretty busy at work, but a big part of it is due to how I always feel like I have to brace myself whenever I watch this episode. As much as I love it – and I can totally relate to the many for whom this is their favorite – it's also quite upsetting. For the review, I'll try my very best to examine all the different angles, but I've had process it a bit more than I've had to for previous … [Read More]


Review: “Stick” – Episode #7 of Marvel’s Daredevil

Recap Somewhere in Japan, presumably, a man is running from someone who's chasing him. He grabs a gun and fires it into an elevator at his unseen opponent, only to find it empty when it opens. A man, whom we later learn is Stick, appears out of nowhere and threatens the man's life with a sword – after first chopping off his hand – and asks for … [Read More]


Review: “Condemned” – Episode #6 of Marvel’s Daredevil

Sorry for the delay guys! Let's get back on track with the Netflix episode reviews. I'm still not sure when I'll get to my Daredevil #15 review, but I may possibly wait until Daredevil #16 comes out and write a combined review. This month, we have the stand-alone Daredevil #15.1 to look forward to however, so I will definitely cover that when it … [Read More]

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Review: “World on Fire” – Episode #5 of Marvel’s Daredevil

Sorry for the delay, folks! I'm back now with this review for episode five, and will make sure to write my review for Daredevil #15 before the end of the weekend, along with another post if I have the time. I'll pick back up with the individual episode Netflix reviews next week. Recap The episode begins on a somber note as Claire has a moment … [Read More]


Review: “In the Blood” – Episode #4 of Marvel’s Daredevil

At the leisurely pace I'm going, Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix is going to keep me busy here for quite a while. The next review will be up shortly, but it will probably take me until the middle of May to finish my individual episode reviews. Though honestly, I can't see how that's a bad thing because I'm having a lot of fun writing about it; I … [Read More]